The First Anabanana Special Awards & KCCon 3 bonuses


WELCOME Chingus for those who think they live in Korea and Tomodachis for those who think they live in Japan to the first ever THE ANABANANA AWARDS. A fictitious and totally not credible award giving body! *applause* Because here at anabanana, no effort is gone unrewarded! YEY!!!

First stop, the…


goes to the last minute cosplayers of SHINee’s “Dream Girl”


When all the group cosplayers are done, I said… “where the heck are the SHINee cosplayers?!?!” And then… the host introduced the last-minute cosplayers of SHINee. (Yey! SHINee!!!) Their skit  goes off without a hitch considering that those microphone stands are steel pipes! Yes… those things are heavy and if they applied a little more force, one of the audience member would surely suffer from blunt-force trauma.

The second award is…


goes to… Ms. I don’t know who you’re cosplaying!


She even have back-up dancers which she leaned on most of the time.

Seriously, I could make pretty costumes but if you ask me to dance even for 30 seconds I would probably look like this guy.

jaejoongsummerdream“Look mah, I’m flaling my body like there’s no tomorrow!”

No… just… NO!!!

The third award is…


goes to Hyuna’s “Ice cream.”


This gal has the confidence to boot when she kneels to the floor imitating Hyuna’s Ice Cream move. If this was me, there is no~oooooo way I would cosplay as Hyuna (not unless if a night with Max Changmin is at stake)

The fourth award is…


goes to… Heechul “No Other” cosplayer.


Setting all Heechul jokes aside… oppa right here perfectly executed one of Heechul’s signature singing. Either he did it on purpose or… the nerves got on his way, but let’s go with the first one!

The fifth award is…


goes to my favorite… Hybrid Crew who did B.A.P. “One Shot.”


 IMO, reverse cover groups should display what their male counterparts are known for and B.A.P. is known for their hardcore macho-manly image!

I bet after several rehearsals of this step, they’ll have immense upper body strength! YEAH! Guns like Yongguk!


If the girls raised the female testosterone levels to the max and the next one is totally the opposite of what our next awardee did!



goes to this groups! Yes… I can’t read their name from the projection screen behind them!



For the solo category, the award goes to the Sunny Little Red Riding Hood cosplayer.


She successfully combined “The Boys” and “I got a boy” in her skit (and I have an obsession with everything RED!) Come to think of it… GG producers are surely fond of BOYS!

Now that I’ve mentioned the most cosplayed song of the event… let’s go to the next award which recognizes the group who did a cover of an artist… which I expect would be girly-girl enough to be one of the most ‘reverse-covered’ but never did…


goes to… Ace of Angels cover group ACE!


Oh come on! Correct me if I’m wrong! AOA should have passed every cover group’s standard of age-appropriate girly-girlyness! Just watch AOA’s video here!

“Bing, bing, bing… babababa… beng, beng, beng!” Okay, now let’s move on…


goes to the Bae Suzy cosplayer.


Why in the world would I include such category? Here’s the thing, I’ve been doing this thing for about 2 years from now, and I know from experience that cosplaying KPop is way easier than anime because KPop idols only follow what is the latest trend in fashion (at least most of them but the same cannot be said about TVXQ’s Owl suits and JYJ’s man-aprons). The tendency of most cosplayers would be to buy RTW clothes and modify them a bit to have the same cut as the idol’s costume or add some accessories. The Suzy Bae costume is (I think) sent to a dressmaker for reproduction. Having a costume tailor made for you is quite expensive and takes a lot of effort especially if you’re going to use that thing only once.

And… I think she really looks so~ooo adorable… like our next awardees.


I’ve divided this category into three…

First, the female category goes to the Sungyeon KARA cosplayer!


“D~Awww… she looks so adorable!”

And the winner for the Kyeopta male category is the forever kyeopta Taemin cosplayer!

taemin-solo“I bet those Taemin-biased Shawols in his school are having a Reply 1997-esque moment everytime he sits in their class.”

Finally, the last kyeopta award goes to the girl’s covering GG’s “Dancing Queen”


“Heehee~ they’re so cute!”

And last but not the least… the award that has nothing to do with cosplay is…


goes to the girl that goes by the name Janine Herrera. Hmm… I got the name right this time!


In case you missed her in my previous entry, here’s the photo again. This time I’ve taken the courtesy to highlight her from the photo.

Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to win the illusive (?) Crate-O-Milkis. She was called the second time for the Bibimbap eating contest and this time… the prize at stake is the uber-expensive Mr. Simple version A Kyuhyun edition album! WHOAH! What a mouthful!


Anyways, with the host’s incessant shoving of the neon-clad Kyuhyun in their faces, she managed to muster up all her energy to finish that giant bowl of bibimbap… and thus… winning for the first time!


…And that sums up the first ever Anabanana awards! Now it’s bonus time!


My sister really loves Taemin, so I took a photo of the Dream Girl Taemin cosplayer.


Since KCCon 3 is sponsored by Milkis, I’m doing them a favor by having a Tiffany cosplayer model the product for you. Yes Lotte, you should pay us both!


…and the Cassiopeia level on this photo is too D*mn HIGH!

I would like to end this entry with a disclaimer. For the record, I am not in any way are making fun of those people mentioned in the list. It is a good thing that some people would take notice of every cosplayers who did their best, because honestly… designing a costume is a pretty expensive feat and I congratulate all those participants who got up to the stage either by cosplaying or by consuming unbelievable amounts of food and drinks.



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