First Quiz Night at CALI Burger Timog


I’ve been a fan of quiz shows since forever.

CM-GOV04“The most feels I had since I started ogling over this dude!”

Even during my student days, I would join quiz bees, because I feel like it! Unfortunately, due to my stage fright, I never won one.  During the 90’s, a local show called “Battle of the Brains” was part of my childhood afternoon — if I remembered it correctly.

 When most children dream to be singers and actors, I dream to be able to join such contest… because, yeah! I was nerdy like that.

bully425“The other kids made sure to complete my experience.” (

However, when I was old enough to join, the show was cancelled and my interest waned with it.

G018tFt“My attention was diverted into other things, clearly depicted by everything in this picture!”

It was when I stepped into the workforce that quizzes appealed to me again.

CM-GOV04“And the fandom just stroked the fire further.”

Although I don’t have the same knack for studying as I was when I was a student, or a Walking Wikipedia of sorts, I still like these activities, but winning is just another thing.

When Cali Burger Timog started it’s first Quiz Night, for the sake of curiosity, I joined my officemates for my first quiz night. Our team was called “One-Liners,” only two were experts on these and the rest of us are newbies.


My first impression was — would the questions be highly academic? It turns out that the questions were general knowledge and pop culture. Ranging from old Manila street names to Robin Williams’ works.

 WP_20140820_21_49_34_Pro“And they threw some Korea-related stuff. Hehehe~”

However, I’ve learned that if you really want to win these quiz bonanzas, gather players that have at least more than three topics that they are really good at. In my case, I am very knowledgeable with Korean stuff and Adventure Time.

Tumblr-adventure-time-hd-wallpaper“Even fan theories, OH BOY!!!”

Just like the movie Slumdog Millionaire, if the questions are right, the night is yours.

My takeaway on this experience is that I like learning new things than answering questions. I wasn’t much help on most stuff, but hey! At least I knew who’s that lizard from the movie “Tangled.”

pascal_1900x1200“Pascal — NO! I haven’t seen the movie.”

We didn’t do that bad either.



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