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Every year, our company sends two representatives to Sakai, Japan to write about the place. Two years ago, it was me and one senior reporter. I just remembered to post about the other KitKat assortment from Western Japan since my colleagues will be going there (and probably would harass them to buy me my sweet fix.)

These set however didn’t time travel from 2012, they were bought last year at the KPop Convention. I’ve consumed these bars last April to May because the whole thing will expire in July 2014.

Given Manila’s extreme heat and humidity during those months, I’ve decided to preserve them – Captain America style!

Capsicle-Avengers01“Still tastes like 2013!” (disney.wikia.com)

Although this is just based from experience (and being CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.) The Western Kitkats are flavors that are mostly available in Western Japan like Kansai, Osaka, etc. WOW!!! WHAT A SHOCKER!!! THE WHOLE WORLD WOULDN’T HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT!

Capsicle-Avengers01“Go back in the freezer Captain obvious!” (disney.wikia.com)

The box is similar with the Eastern Assorts.

western kitkats box03

Under the lid is the map of Western Japan… I assume.

western kitkats box02

western kitkats box01“Oh yeah! Look at the colors!”

The flavors are as follows:


Purple Sweet Potato

western kitkats purple sweet potato 01

Although websites says this is Purple Sweet Potato, in true Asian fashion… it’s just purple yams.

Yams are widely planted in most Asian countries that most locals will say that this is one of their favorite native desserts. I even grew up grinding some yams for yam jams. Hehe~ Yam jams!

western kitkats purple sweet potato 02

The Purple yam tastes very home-y, very local, and very familiar. If the Philippines would introduce a special KitKat blend, then Purple yams will surely sell like halo-halo!

Citrus Golden Blend

western kitkats citrus golden blend 01

Based on the photo, the citrus golden blend is a combination of orange, lime, and lemon. Honestly, I am not that excited with this flavor since cream and chocolate don’t yield spectacular results. Although in right conditions, they might work.

western kitkats citrus golden blend 02

I don’t know if I’ve shared the same childhood of putting powdered orange juice on everything… when I say everything, it’s EVERYTHING. I use to combine coffee and orange juice powder, and pretty much learned my lesson from then on.

This bar taste like OJ powder sprinkled on milk bars. As strange as it seems, it barely passes my acquired taste of everything weird tasting. Still delicious, but not very spectacular. Although, sniffing the strong citrus smell will help improve the experience. So sniff your KitKats before chomping on them!


“Most certainly not the best way to do it!” (kick-addiction.com)


western kitkats cinnamon

I’ll always say that these are Churros flavor because of it’s cinnamon-churros taste, h0wever websites label this bar as Cinnamon Flavor only.

western kitkats cinnamon 01

Like OJ powder, I love everything cinnamon! The KitKat version is one of my favorite. It doesn’t have the strong smell like the Citrus Blend but the creamy coating has some frosted cinnamon bits on it.

Macha Green Tea

western kitkats green macha

For someone who is addicted to Korean and Japanese snacks, impressing us with a KitKat Macha Green Tea is not the perfect to the phrase “SURPRISE ME!” Green tea is your staple Japan KitKat flavor and still is a yummy treat.

Amaou Strawberry

western kitkats strwberry 01

Ahh~ Yes! The sweet, sweet smell of ichigo.

Once had a taste in the city of Sakai, Osaka.

The powdered sugar embracing the ichigo of Fukuoka…

…has left an aroma on it’s shell.

western kitkats strawberry 02

Why do fruity KitKats have strong scents? The Shinshu Apple flavor smells like car fresheners, and this! Luckily I love the scent of strawberries. The taste was just common strawberry, but the smell… yes, the essence of ichigo is very strong!


“Using the strawberry wrapper? Why not?” (kick-addiction.com)

When I was walking the streets of Sakai, I stopped by Lawson’s and ate this gem. Several minutes and trash cans have passed… I was really hesitant to throw the wrapper because of the strawberry scent. So… there you have it… STRAWBERRY KITKATS = INSTANT STRAWBERRY HIGH!

“Just remember not to sniff too much.”


Hochija Tea

western kitkats hochija

While my colleague whose going to Sakai is asking me what’s my favorite KitKat flavor, I said Hochija. Given my thick Tagalog accent, I’m not sure if she caught the word.

For starters, Hojicha is a unique kind of green tea because it is roasted over charcoal rather than being steamed. The real Hojicha tea has a strong flavor because of how it was prepared.

western kitkats hochija 01

The candy bar is not too sweet, and still retains that Hochija rich deep taste. A tea-loving person would go for the rich taste, rather than the usual aesthetics of sweetness. This is why the Hochija bar is my favorite.

I love these bars so much that I’ve decided to take a photo of it with my favorite pillow in the world.

western kitkats WTF“DON’T. JUDGE. ME.”


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