FANCAM: CNBlue Can’t Stop Manila 2014


CNBlue Can’t Stop Manila 2014 was so good that it will make you guilty to post on SNS everything great about it.

For starters, this was the crowd inside the Araneta Coliseum.


But before you go into conclusions why this happened, let me explain to you what happened on that fateful day.

September 19 was supposed to be CNBlue’s 2nd concert in the country, however tropical storm Mario drenched almost all of Luzon including Metro Manila and it’s surrounding provinces. CNBlue Can’t Stop Manila 2014 was announced a few months prior, and the BOICES were ready for their arrival. The Philippines is not as sunshine-y as you think. The country is plagued by relentless rains for almost 8 months every year and what the postcards always depict is the perfect blue skies of summer… which, can make you skin boil both literally and figuratively.

Hours before CNBlue, fans affected by floods are petitioning the promoter to cancel the show since most of the events that were set that day was postponed for tomorrow. In spite of all the crying fans on facebook, the promoter and FNC went on to the show. There have been so many complaints from the fans who didn’t make it, but for someone who doesn’t know or too young to understand how these all works, the promoter’s decision to went on the show was the best decision that day. It is not all about money, but businesses also operate on good decision making that will benefit at least the majority of the players, and when we say major players, it’s CNBlue and FNC.

The biggest factor of all why¬†foreign acts are difficult to cancel or postpone compared to local acts because of their international schedule. As you’ve known by now, KPop labels jam-pack their idols’ schedule to the max. If the concert gets cancelled or postponed to Saturday, then Yonghwa’s Japan fan-meeting would be affected and the whole chain will follow suit. That could also lead to more dramatic repercussions like delayed comebacks, delayed filming and more.

However, when the storm clouds clear, a glimmer of sunshine follows.

The promoter announced that they’ll come-up with a compromise to those fans who didn’t make it. Staying true to their model that fans will get more than what they paid for. And believe me, no other promoter does this move, ever!


Moving on…

Forgive my eventual chants about Jonghyun being a member of Gyuline and how Changmin has such great taste on men.

tumblr_mbkzhfdRHc1r9t2vxo7_250“Such good taste on men.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

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Part 12:

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Part 17:

From the fancams, even though the crowd was small, their gratitude floods the dome. In the end, Yonghwa promises Manila that they’ll be back, and hopefully the weather will be better.


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