I HOARD FOOD: Star Wars Japan Pocky


In a KPop Convention far, far, away.

A snack that comes once in a lifetime has landed.

Baffled, the gatherer acquired the treasure…

…and the cut-out young Skywalker has fallen from grace.

starwarspocky07“I mean this standee.”

Yes, the standee keeps on falling as if it’s throwing a tantrum. A CassPH admin tries to keep him on his feet, but the mere sight of his two loves being out of his hands has proven too much to bear.

starwarspocky07“I wish I was kidding, but it’s true. In the end, we just have to leave him behind.”

In 2013, Lucasfilms and Glico teamed-up to create this limited edition snack. It is available in two variants, the one that has Darth Vader’s box and the one with Luke Skywalker’s ‘dreamy’ photo.

starwarspocky02“Those eyes.”

Inside are six giant Pocky lightsabers coming in three flavors. If the internet is to be believed, each flavor correspond to a character: green tea as Yoda, grape as Luke Skywalker, and strawberry as Darth Vader. But if I were to thrown in my own theories, I’d say it’s the color of the prominent lightsabers in the series.




Each giant Pocky is individually wrapped, but given that these lightsabers came from a peninsula far, far, away, some of them are quite melted or worse… broken.

The only piece that’s intact was this green tea and one strawberry stick.


Intergalactic taste?

Not exactly. If these sticks were judged according to their taste, well you’ll be disappointed. These are just ordinary flavored Pocky sticks. The grape one even tastes bizarre. And this is me talking — a person who has an acquired taste of bizarre stuff.

What you’ll mostly go for is the novelty of this item which can be considered as a merchandise. Though I’m not sure what is counted as an official merchandise.


Each packet has a lightsaber design on it. And given that the snack has an uncoated tip, that serves as the handle of the lightsaber.

Giant Pocky pieces are approximately 10 to 12 inches. Which is nice for sharing… and that I did.

I am not a full-fledged Star Wars fans so I gave the rest to my geek colleagues. Including the box. As one of my colleague puts it, “these are the lightsabers that you can actually eat.”

starwarspocky-CM“Though, Darth Shim can’t have any… for now.”

 In case you’re wondering, I got these from the Panda Love Shop. They have more Japanese snacks available in their Facebook page. Although, not sure if they cater outside the Philippines. Here’s my post on Shim in their page.


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