What to do when your bias is in the military?


Your ultimate bias being in the military might be the most painful (or boring) phase of any fan’s life. With no one to spazz on and no album to anticipate for. It feels like that in those two years, life is… incomplete.

During those moments, you can pass the dreaded two years with these… “hopefully…” while keeping your sanity intact:


1.  Focus on other bias groups

One of the common dilemmas an international fan have is having too many group biases. With your ultimate bias out of the way, you can freely allot more time to your number 2.

“I love you, but I gotta pass the time with other gorgeous people!”

Won’t ultimate bias be jealous of this arrangement? Of course not! He’s in the military! Buwaaahahahahahaha!!!


2. Recuperate savings

Okay! So you’ve been to so many concerts of your bias from the time they debuted until their goodbye concert including those that are outside of your country.



It might have come to the point that you’ve almost sold an internal organ just to see them regularly, or have collected mounds of debt in doing so. The two-year hiatus is the perfect time to save up again.


“And hopefully be rich enough to go to their comeback concert.”

…Or alternatively, make yourself even poorer with…


3. Backtrack on lost time

Bias is appearing on shows left and right, and almost every month they release another version of their album.


tonecovers“I mean, COME ON!!!”

With no new album coming in for the next two years, you can finally complete your collection.


“Even the ones that costs more than a concert ticket!”

There are also tons of unwatched shows floating around the internet that you haven’t watched after all theses years.

“Years of good stuff here.”

But then again, your loved ones may be wondering why you haven’t been outside for a long time. This might be the perfect time also to…


4. Focus on other hobbies

For sure you have other interests besides oppa, right?




“Stalking him on SNS is not considered another hobby.”

Your schedule now is a blank slate, you can finally focus on other things such as your studies and the things you cannot do because you have to wait for oppa’s new  MV to be uploaded on their official channel.


“Or you can try climbing a mountain?”


5. Travel the world (other than Korea and Japan)

For the longest time, there are just two countries in your mind: South Korea, and Japan. During their service, why not try seeing other places that are not tied to your bias?


“Like Prague? Still connected?”


6. Spend time (and money) on other things

Supporting all of their activities made you sacrifice some finer things in life, like a new wardrobe, or a food trip to an interesting place…


“Or Legos!”

No activities meant you can have enough money to indulge yourself of things you never get to enjoy because oppa has been hogging up your hard-earned cash.


7. Go for higher goals than KGoals

For the longest time, it’s all about your bias, your goals consists of seeing bias live, or having an encounter with bias, but now that oppa is serving his country, those goals can wait and you can pursue what you want without your hands tied to KPop.

In my case, this item became true. I set a deadline to myself that I am going to pursue working for a studio or seek for a higher career ladder when Dong Bang goes to the military.

As soon as Yunho stepped inside the barracks, my resignation letter was on my editor’s desk that morning.

I used to be a web graphic artist for a reputed news website in the country and have done several coverages on Korean culture and KPop, but then again, my burning passion was on comics and animation.

I have no qualms or complaints with my former job, in fact, sometimes I miss the adrenaline of seeing dignitaries and Korean stars up close and personal, but on the other hand, I was very lucky to land where I wanted to be. The road in getting there was very hard, in fact, I really miss those Cassies who helped me during those years.

In some ways I regret that decision, but the satisfaction I feel that finally I am where I wanted to be is rewarding.

I am not saying that you follow my footsteps because in this economy, my move is considered as suicide.

What I am trying to say is that now you have more spare time to do more things you always wanted to do, however I do discourage you from leaving your job. Maybe you got other hobbies like knitting or something, or drawing stuff, you have more time to focus on those things now.

“Maybe publishing a comic?”

Or you can follow oppa’s footsteps and be a…


8. Follow on their footsteps (be a product endorser)


This is Tintin, she is a bonafide Cassiopeia. Since Yunho is in the military, she decided to join a model search contest for a department store here in the Philippines.

After much deliberation, she… became an endorser for SM Department Store’s Accessories!


“Not connected with SM Entertainment in Korea but I’m pretty sure she wishes it did.”

— In those two years, even Changmin is unsure that fans might still be waiting because two years is such a long time. During those moments we might have moved on and those memories might just be a part of a phase in our lives. He knew that it is an accepted fact that we may move forward, and for sure they will too. But the most important thing is… we had a such a great time and for some, fandom became a bridge or a window of opportunity just as it did to me and to the other Cassiopeias I knew.

Some of them worked in Korean institutions because they were inspired by their bias, and some of them had a goal to pursue in their careers because they were inspired.

But some of them took it a level higher!


“Kudos to ‘yah! And you may endorse products with Yunho in the future.”

I might sound as if I am bidding my farewell to Dong Bang but don’t worry, I am not.

I am waiting for their return.



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