NEW TWITTER ACCOUNT: @theanabananacom


Hello there friends and fellow bananas! I’ve created a new Twitter Account for all my posts just in case that some of you doesn’t really want to follow my personal account @ankhaeru. My Facebook page and Google Plus account are still the same, since it’s a bummer to create a new GMail account for a new G+ name.

But you can still get updates from my personal Twitter account once a new post is created. I’ll update both of them always.

Have some Banana Hearts c/o Max-Man!

INTRODUCING: Anabanana 2.0

Since I found the perfect WordPress layout for my site, I introduce thee — ANABANANA V2.0.

This site is now running on WordPress, that means easier content management and faster updates from yours truly.

Compared from the first version, this one has a set code that is less-clunky than the previous hard-coded version.

I have also customized the links to redirect to the newer version. So, here’s a cheers to everyone, and oh… this domain is about a year old now so… it’s my site’s anniversary.

Why Bananas?

Hi! I’m Ana. I am the webmaster for… what’s up with bananas? That’s a good question. When your name is Ana, most people would automatically call you “Anabanana” Maybe because it rhymes? Bananas are not my favorite fruit but Bananas and I have a history together.

You see, I’m quite of a hyperactive person (depending on the situation) who is quickly drained of energy. Back in college, I collapse whenever I don’t eat bananas for a month

After eating several bananas, I feel like I’m Wonderwoman!


Coincidentally, one of my favorite veggies is the Banana flower. Its shape resembles a heart, so locally we call it “Puso ng Saging” (Banana Heart) and somehow a pun on a movie starred by a celebrity turned politician.

Translation: When you search for any tree in the Philippines, only the Banana tree has a HEART!

That line got stuck in my head for sometime and made a simple digital art about it (years ago.)

Then came my obsession over KPop. My ultimate bias’s favorite fruit (theoretically) is a banana.

The delusion of us being a couple was conceived here.

I think a website dedicated for him and bananas exist somewhere.

Even his official concert shirt is a banana doodle…

I saw Ryeowook wear this first, but we’re talking about Changmin here!

Now that I’m doing more physical activities, I need bananas more than ever

Even this needs some serious hand and eye muscle flexing.

So, please take your time and enjoy your stay here!