I Started Crafting!


I am not a good webmaster, like, EVER!

I usually abandon my blog almost every time, and there is a perfect reason why? You see, as you get older, you get more responsibilities. Responsibilities is equals to less time for other stuff… like blogging and drawing crummy comics. ¬†Another thing is that, one of the consequences of aging is you have lesser energy to do more stuff. Let’s say, when you were 18 you can do all your homework, be the class president, organize events at your school and save the pigeons from extinction… ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME!!!

When I started this website, I was 23. I can do several posts in one day and at the same time travel in other countries and photograph KPop stars as they arrive in my country. Four years later, the number of tasks I can crunch in one day has significantly dropped from 1,000,000,000 to just 1/2 per day.

“I used to have six arms, but now I am only left with two.”

Besides, I just became an animator for cartoons — which is a very high stress job! Much more stressful and strenuous than when I was still photographing and developing content for a local news website.

In lieu of that, I always wanted to do some sidelines creating stuff. In the hopes that someday, it will supplement me in the long run. I mean, come on! We gotta admit that we are getting older each day and as Shinhwa Life Insurance reminds us: “Life is long but careers are short!”

“I am in that stage of life wherein all I can think of is how I can sustain myself until I reach 105 years old.”

I want to start relatively small. Someday, hoping it will lead to something bigger.

Soooo… I did some impulse buying of the following:

1. A second-hand local button press

“My grandma’s kitchen. Whadya gonna do?”

2. Brand new PVC circular cutter

“I don’t have enough money yet for a workshop, nor a proper online store.”

3. Tons and tons of raw materials… YES! LIKE A THOUSAND OF THOSE!

Although they may be relatively cheap, it still cost money!


You see, I’m still practicing in perfecting this art. Some may not be too perfect, so I am disposing them in such a low, low, price so I can get at least a fraction of my money back. I want to expand my ventures to conventions, Sunday markets, or even international markets.

Every week, I will be printing and producing random KStuff on my page and everything will continue from there. Unfortunately, I can only cater to Philippines since I don’t have the facility nor the capability to ship internationally.



Who knows, maybe this might grow something much, much bigger.

“And this press is the beginning of everything!”

P.S.: If making buttons and key chains are too expensive or tedious in your area, let me see if I can assist you with that even internationally. However, I don’t accept rush jobs since I only work on my hobbies during the weekends only.

NEW TWITTER ACCOUNT: @theanabananacom


Hello there friends and fellow bananas! I’ve created a new Twitter Account for all my posts just in case that some of you doesn’t really want to follow my personal account @ankhaeru. My Facebook page and Google Plus account are still the same, since it’s a bummer to create a new GMail account for a new G+ name.

But you can still get updates from my personal Twitter account once a new post is created. I’ll update both of them always.

Have some Banana Hearts c/o Max-Man!

INTRODUCING: Anabanana 2.0

Since I found the perfect WordPress layout for my site, I introduce thee — ANABANANA V2.0.

This site is now running on WordPress, that means easier content management and faster updates from yours truly.

Compared from the first version, this one has a set code that is less-clunky than the previous hard-coded version.

I have also customized the links to redirect to the newer version. So, here’s a cheers to everyone, and oh… this domain is about a year old now so… it’s my site’s anniversary.

Why Bananas?

Hi! I’m Ana. I am the webmaster for theanabanana.com… what’s up with bananas? That’s a good question. When your name is Ana, most people would automatically call you “Anabanana” Maybe because it rhymes? Bananas are not my favorite fruit but Bananas and I have a history together.

You see, I’m quite of a hyperactive person (depending on the situation) who is quickly drained of energy. Back in college, I collapse whenever I don’t eat bananas for a month

After eating several bananas, I feel like I’m Wonderwoman!


Coincidentally, one of my favorite veggies is the Banana flower. Its shape resembles a heart, so locally we call it “Puso ng Saging” (Banana Heart) and somehow a pun on a movie starred by a celebrity turned politician.

Translation: When you search for any tree in the Philippines, only the Banana tree has a HEART!

That line got stuck in my head for sometime and made a simple digital art about it (years ago.)

Then came my obsession over KPop. My ultimate bias’s favorite fruit (theoretically) is a banana.

The delusion of us being a couple was conceived here.

I think a website dedicated for him and bananas exist somewhere.

Even his official concert shirt is a banana doodle…

I saw Ryeowook wear this first, but we’re talking about Changmin here!

Now that I’m doing more physical activities, I need bananas more than ever

Even this needs some serious hand and eye muscle flexing.

So, please take your time and enjoy your stay here!