I HOARD FOOD: Star Wars Japan Pocky


In a KPop Convention far, far, away.

A snack that comes once in a lifetime has landed.

Baffled, the gatherer acquired the treasure…

…and the cut-out young Skywalker has fallen from grace.

starwarspocky07“I mean this standee.”

Yes, the standee keeps on falling as if it’s throwing a tantrum. A CassPH admin tries to keep him on his feet, but the mere sight of his two loves being out of his hands has proven too much to bear.

starwarspocky07“I wish I was kidding, but it’s true. In the end, we just have to leave him behind.”

In 2013, Lucasfilms and Glico teamed-up to create this limited edition snack. It is available in two variants, the one that has Darth Vader’s box and the one with Luke Skywalker’s ‘dreamy’ photo.

starwarspocky02“Those eyes.”

Inside are six giant Pocky lightsabers coming in three flavors. If the internet is to be believed, each flavor correspond to a character: green tea as Yoda, grape as Luke Skywalker, and strawberry as Darth Vader. But if I were to thrown in my own theories, I’d say it’s the color of the prominent lightsabers in the series.




Each giant Pocky is individually wrapped, but given that these lightsabers came from a peninsula far, far, away, some of them are quite melted or worse… broken.

The only piece that’s intact was this green tea and one strawberry stick.


Intergalactic taste?

Not exactly. If these sticks were judged according to their taste, well you’ll be disappointed. These are just ordinary flavored Pocky sticks. The grape one even tastes bizarre. And this is me talking — a person who has an acquired taste of bizarre stuff.

What you’ll mostly go for is the novelty of this item which can be considered as a merchandise. Though I’m not sure what is counted as an official merchandise.


Each packet has a lightsaber design on it. And given that the snack has an uncoated tip, that serves as the handle of the lightsaber.

Giant Pocky pieces are approximately 10 to 12 inches. Which is nice for sharing… and that I did.

I am not a full-fledged Star Wars fans so I gave the rest to my geek colleagues. Including the box. As one of my colleague puts it, “these are the lightsabers that you can actually eat.”

starwarspocky-CM“Though, Darth Shim can’t have any… for now.”

 In case you’re wondering, I got these from the Panda Love Shop. They have more Japanese snacks available in their Facebook page. Although, not sure if they cater outside the Philippines. Here’s my post on Shim in their page.


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I HOARD FOOD: Kitkat Japan Western Assortments


Every year, our company sends two representatives to Sakai, Japan to write about the place. Two years ago, it was me and one senior reporter. I just remembered to post about the other KitKat assortment from Western Japan since my colleagues will be going there (and probably would harass them to buy me my sweet fix.)

These set however didn’t time travel from 2012, they were bought last year at the KPop Convention. I’ve consumed these bars last April to May because the whole thing will expire in July 2014.

Given Manila’s extreme heat and humidity during those months, I’ve decided to preserve them – Captain America style!

Capsicle-Avengers01“Still tastes like 2013!” (disney.wikia.com)

Although this is just based from experience (and being CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.) The Western Kitkats are flavors that are mostly available in Western Japan like Kansai, Osaka, etc. WOW!!! WHAT A SHOCKER!!! THE WHOLE WORLD WOULDN’T HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT!

Capsicle-Avengers01“Go back in the freezer Captain obvious!” (disney.wikia.com)

The box is similar with the Eastern Assorts.

western kitkats box03

Under the lid is the map of Western Japan… I assume.

western kitkats box02

western kitkats box01“Oh yeah! Look at the colors!”

The flavors are as follows:


Purple Sweet Potato

western kitkats purple sweet potato 01

Although websites says this is Purple Sweet Potato, in true Asian fashion… it’s just purple yams.

Yams are widely planted in most Asian countries that most locals will say that this is one of their favorite native desserts. I even grew up grinding some yams for yam jams. Hehe~ Yam jams!

western kitkats purple sweet potato 02

The Purple yam tastes very home-y, very local, and very familiar. If the Philippines would introduce a special KitKat blend, then Purple yams will surely sell like halo-halo!

Citrus Golden Blend

western kitkats citrus golden blend 01

Based on the photo, the citrus golden blend is a combination of orange, lime, and lemon. Honestly, I am not that excited with this flavor since cream and chocolate don’t yield spectacular results. Although in right conditions, they might work.

western kitkats citrus golden blend 02

I don’t know if I’ve shared the same childhood of putting powdered orange juice on everything… when I say everything, it’s EVERYTHING. I use to combine coffee and orange juice powder, and pretty much learned my lesson from then on.

This bar taste like OJ powder sprinkled on milk bars. As strange as it seems, it barely passes my acquired taste of everything weird tasting. Still delicious, but not very spectacular. Although, sniffing the strong citrus smell will help improve the experience. So sniff your KitKats before chomping on them!


“Most certainly not the best way to do it!” (kick-addiction.com)


western kitkats cinnamon

I’ll always say that these are Churros flavor because of it’s cinnamon-churros taste, h0wever websites label this bar as Cinnamon Flavor only.

western kitkats cinnamon 01

Like OJ powder, I love everything cinnamon! The KitKat version is one of my favorite. It doesn’t have the strong smell like the Citrus Blend but the creamy coating has some frosted cinnamon bits on it.

Macha Green Tea

western kitkats green macha

For someone who is addicted to Korean and Japanese snacks, impressing us with a KitKat Macha Green Tea is not the perfect to the phrase “SURPRISE ME!” Green tea is your staple Japan KitKat flavor and still is a yummy treat.

Amaou Strawberry

western kitkats strwberry 01

Ahh~ Yes! The sweet, sweet smell of ichigo.

Once had a taste in the city of Sakai, Osaka.

The powdered sugar embracing the ichigo of Fukuoka…

…has left an aroma on it’s shell.

western kitkats strawberry 02

Why do fruity KitKats have strong scents? The Shinshu Apple flavor smells like car fresheners, and this! Luckily I love the scent of strawberries. The taste was just common strawberry, but the smell… yes, the essence of ichigo is very strong!


“Using the strawberry wrapper? Why not?” (kick-addiction.com)

When I was walking the streets of Sakai, I stopped by Lawson’s and ate this gem. Several minutes and trash cans have passed… I was really hesitant to throw the wrapper because of the strawberry scent. So… there you have it… STRAWBERRY KITKATS = INSTANT STRAWBERRY HIGH!

“Just remember not to sniff too much.”


Hochija Tea

western kitkats hochija

While my colleague whose going to Sakai is asking me what’s my favorite KitKat flavor, I said Hochija. Given my thick Tagalog accent, I’m not sure if she caught the word.

For starters, Hojicha is a unique kind of green tea because it is roasted over charcoal rather than being steamed. The real Hojicha tea has a strong flavor because of how it was prepared.

western kitkats hochija 01

The candy bar is not too sweet, and still retains that Hochija rich deep taste. A tea-loving person would go for the rich taste, rather than the usual aesthetics of sweetness. This is why the Hochija bar is my favorite.

I love these bars so much that I’ve decided to take a photo of it with my favorite pillow in the world.

western kitkats WTF“DON’T. JUDGE. ME.”


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I HOARD FOOD: First time Grilled Cheese Ramen Sandwich


So I discovered this recipe from DUDEFOODS.COM and I decided to try it for myself. The Instructions are written on the page.

I would like to document my experience of this wonderful, wonderful ramen recipe we got here. Some of the photos are blurry ‘cos we were all hungry that time.

First I bought the ingredients: eggs, RAMEN, and cheese.


Unlike the original recipe my colleague Vida Cruz suggested a tweak on this wonderful combo, “Try to put some bacon on it!” AND… I like my ramen leafy so, WHY NOT BOTH?


Then I just followed the instructions from the page.


Cook the noodles, let it cool, add the egg, and mix.


Lay the noodles flat on a clean chopping board and cut it into two.


Place the bread ramen on a greased paper / wax paper and set aside on the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Since it’s summer in the Philippines, I let it settle for 30 to 35 mins in the freezer for good measure.

While waiting for the ramen bread, I prepared the additional ingredients.


Grated the cheese so it will melt quicker and evenly.

ramensandwich-05“Mmmm! BACON!”

Washed the lettuce and prepared my bacon.

ramensandwich-06“Sizzle, sizzle.”

 And pan-grilled the bacon.

Once my ramen bread settled, I left a little bacon juice on the pan and grilled the ramen.


It kinda smelled like sweet eggs, which… is kinda weird, but promising.


Sprinkled the grated cheese on top of the hot noodle. Melted the cheese


Slathered the bacon on top. Did the same on the other ramen bread and…



While my sister ate it without lettuce, I ate mine like the Korean Samgyeopsal.

ramensandwich-12“Without the Kimchi.”

As Dudefoods said, the ramen is crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. It is better than bread, cos the cheese melted on the crevasses of the ramen and the bacon just made it so GLORIOUS! As glorious as Changmin’s bare chest on the water!

changminchest-swimmingpool“OH YEAH!!!”

Since I used large ramen, it  is already equivalent of a heavy full meal. It’s kinda like a couple sandwich if you may.

changmin-eatingfortwo“Not unless if the other eats like two people combined.”

Although there are some changes that I should do when I’m making this next time. Like, I should add more oil or bacon juice on the ramen bread, so it’s crispier, use quickmelt cheese and sprinkle a little Thyme on it. I didn’t go crazy on it ‘cos I don’t know how it will turn out, or how will the cheese melt.

Then it would be epically glorious as Changmin screaming a rock song, sweaty, and ripping his shirt off!!!

20100911_smt_in_shanghai_6“I should really stop comparing food to my Korean celebrity crush.”

RECIPE FROM: http://dudefoods.com/the-ramen-noodle-grilled-cheese-sandwich/


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I HOARD JK FOOD: Let’s Be Cafetime Coffee



Every now and then, I stop at this small Korean grocery in Cubao district called “Masan.” They sell the usual Korean stuff, the kind that makes up the usual Korean housewife’s pantry… nothing weird here.


I saw several cans of coffee, their red eyes are staring at me.

2014-letsbecolor“Buy us, or else we’ll haunt you forev~eeeer.”

The Korean store owner is looking at us wondering what our babbling in Tagalog was about. I kept on saying in Tagalog “Look at this, it looks like I won’t be able to sleep forever with this thing!”

The next day, I brought it to my work and showed it to some of my workmates… the only reaction I received were several WTFs!

Upon closer inspection, the can has a signature in it.


Probably from the manhwa artist who drew those corporate zombies. But there is no name, and I couldn’t read Hanja either. So, I turned to Google for some answers.


I could be wrong, but from the little Hangul and the images in the official website, it suggests that Let’s Be Cafe Time coffee is targeted for office workers.

And I was right!


Before it changed it’s packaging to glowing red eyes, they were formerly endorsed by SISTAR. The presence of a corporate chap says the marketing is focused on office workers… yet again.


Which makes me think… that the commissioned artist for this is simply making a little sick joke of Corporate Korea? Remember, Korea is one of the countries in Asia that is overworking themselves to death next to Japan. But unlike their neighbor, Korea haven’t made the next step to solve this problem.

According to the Lotte website, the product is available in three variants.


Which makes me think that, the characters probably describes three common employees: the slave-driving supervisor, the arrogant rookie, and the overworked office dude who has stayed in the company for years without proper compensation and benefits.

Although you gotta hand it to the Korean workers, they will never be able to prosper as a nation if they weren’t overworking so hard. But, since they have turned into a progressive country, don’t they think that it’s time to work smarter than harder? I gotta admit, a third world country like mine should take their example, because learning to work too hard is the first step isn’t it?

In terms of taste, it’s just your ordinary coffee, but this is better served when hot, than served fresh from the freezer.

As a Cassiopeia, I at least should have some fun with my TVXQ lightsticks.


I think this is a more apt advertising than the cartoonish ones.


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I HOARD JK FOOD: Eastern Japan KitKat Assortments


Last year, I was able to control myself from buying any KPop albums in this very tempting, eardrum-busting event called KPop Convention.

IMG_1360“Not even that seemingly following eyes of Changmin will tempt me to buy his merchandise!”

But when I walked into this certain Japanese snacks stall, a part of my paycheck disappeared and I suddenly have boxes of rare Japanese KitKats and Giant Pocky in my bag without me knowing it.

magicmeme“GONE! Like magic!”

Buying Japanese or any kind of foreign snacks outside that country almost doubles the price of the original. When I was in Sakai Japan, a normal 12’s pack of Matcha KitKat costs around 180 to 200 Philippine pesos ($4 to $5) but when sold here, it climbs up to 250 to 350 Philippine Pesos ($5.5 to $6). And that’s just the standard Japanese Kitkat Matcha! The more rare the flavor is, the more expensive it is… so imagine the moolah I lost in this single box!

IMG_6062“Life is like a box of Chocolates — drains the f*ck out of you!”

I got this from the KPop Convention in a staggering price of P580 ($12.9)!!!

For those who earn US dollars, $12 is a big deal here in the Philippines. It can already buy a month’s supply of shampoo and conditioner! Or eat a meal for one in a fancy restaurant!

AND YES… there’s that “I’m an incredibly cheap person!”

“I empathize with this cartoon character every time he loses a dime!”

All I could recognize from the box is the Kanji for the word “East” which is a very common Kanji / Chinese character used in the country.

tohoshinki“I cannot read kanji, but when I do, it is either a name of a South Korean boyband which characters are usually seen in the word ‘Tokyo’, shrines, and road signs.” 

There’s information at the back of the box that points to where some of the flavors came from, but unfortunately, I can’t read them. I can assume that it also includes the Western Japan Assortments too.


The flavors inside the box are as follows:


Since I can’t read Japanese, I asked Google for some answers.

1. Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich


 I made Bungeoppang (taiyaki in Japan) before so I have an idea what this may taste like — RED BEANS.


The smell of red bean greets you upon tearing up the aluminum foil. You can definitely taste red beans  in this chocolate! Yes, I know it’s a bit strange, but somehow they made it work.

2. Shinshu Apple


Upon tasting the Red Bean KitKat, I am expecting a lot from the Apple flavor. Because usually, watery fruits doesn’t usually mix with chocolate. I am curious how our Japanese dessert artisans would turn this around.


The thing with Japanese Kitkats is that they somehow knew how the sense of taste works. It is not solely our tongues  distinguishes flavor but also our noses. The apple scent is very strong, almost like your standard apple air freshener, but when you take a bite, it is dominantly chocolate. The apple flavor mostly comes from the smell.

3. Wasabi


So… Shizuoka is in Eastern Japan?

I already tried a whole box of KitKat Wasabi’s and wrote an entry about it here.

4. Yawataya Togashi (chili)


So? How will a Spicy KitKat fare with the common spicy chocolate? Will it leave me disappointed like the Wasabi flavor?


At first, it tastes like ordinary chocolate, but as Choi Siwon said, the spice comes after. The spiciness arrives like how the hit from vodka does, leaving a weird spicy aftertaste in your mouth.

5. Yokohoma Strawberry Cheesecake


Strawberry cheesecake is one of the sought after desserts in whatever method it is prepared. The company already produced an another cheesecake variety in Blueberry flavor.


If you are a fan of cheesecakes then you won’t be disappointed by this Kitkat form. Like the Blueberry variant, it really does leave a cheesecake sensation. Of course, sans the texture of cream cheese.

6. Edamame (Zunda)


There’s been cheers about the Zunda flavor on Rocket News 24 and it even says that the Zunda flavor will leave you wanting for more. That’s why I placed this at the end of this post.

IMG_5902“I got too excited, so I didn’t wait for it to warm up a little.”

I never knew what Edamame tastes like because we don’t grow it here. Before I knew this was a certain green bean, I first thought that it resembles more like the local flavor additive “pandan”, but it is impossible to assume it is pandan because the grass thrives only in tropical climate like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

Although, a tip from the website greatly helped my connoisseur experience with this Japanese snack. Pair it with coffee and it enhances the flavor.

Most of the bars, when I tried it, was not paired with coffee, what happens is that the initial taste of milk chocolate or ice cream comes first, but give it a few minutes, that weird aftertaste lingers in your mouth.

After I have compiled this post, I tried the Orange Kitkat from the Western Japanese Assortments, paired it with black coffee, and the flavor was not just an aftertaste, but it merged with the chocolate and enhanced the flavor, not just through smell. You can really taste whatever the packet is saying.

“Coffee is friend!” (sxc.hu)

But my review for the Western Assortments is reserved for another post.

Judging from the map behind the flap and the little knowledge about it, Nestle Japan produces these variants to entice young Japanese in buying these and to add a touch of uniqueness since they are marketed as gifts and souvenirs. Every area has their own unique Kitkat, whether a specialty of that region or to simply have young travelers something different to take home with them.


I really do enjoy unique snacks, and when I get distracted or had that itch for impulse buying, I don’t go for the typical girly craving for clothes, but with these. I buy a box or a pack whenever I see them, but given how expensive each one of these are, I am suddenly paralyzed and become emotionally attached to it that I can’t eat them all by myself. Believe it or not, I only eat just a piece of each flavor or a half bar only, and the rest, I share it to others. So they could try it too, especially when the addiction and love for Kitkats run deep in our genes.

And it’s not good for my health or waistline either.

Now some of my friends would ask why they can’t have any? AGAIN… the KitKat addiction is in our genes, before it goes outside our house, it has probably been consumed by my siblings!

Oh, and… my personal favorite of all six is the Red Bean Sandwich. That’s the one I’ll be craving… for a very long time!

IMG_3151“Maybe because… Asian?”


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I HOARD JK FOOD: Japanese KitKat Wasabi flavor


Are you willing to venture the world of unknown snacks? Are you willing to risk growing a second head, or a new set of arms? Well, I could use a new set of arms. 

Introducing my expensive obsession with Japanese Kit-Kats. If other women my age go impulse shopping on clothes, shoes and bags, I… spend on these. Encountering an online store which sells this, especially in discount… makes me want to take out my frozen assets out of the freezer.

shopaholic-creditcard“Goodbye retirement funds!”

But this snack obsession of mine goes deeper. You see, my parents are also KitKat addicts. They love KitKats so much, they buy that wafer goodness until you get sick of it! Because of this, I rarely buy KitKats, because, UGH, NOT ANOTHER WAFER!

Not until an colleague of mine gave me a piece of Matcha Japan KitKat. Our news agency annually sends a reporter and a photographer to the wonderful city of Sakai in Osaka. What caught her attention in the airport were packs of Matcha KitKats that she never knew existed. The taste was divine, since I love tea, and my compulsive buying behavior with Japanese KitKats was born.

After three years, our Editor-in-Chief has sent me to the Sakai City ASEAN Summit. I didn’t have much money in the bank because I haven’t recovered financially from watching Dong Bang Shin Ki earlier that year. I only had $250 worth of personal money to buy additional souvenirs. Mostly, people who visits the country would go for Yukatas and some other Japanese-esque  items.

Sadly, mine ended up on buying Yaki balls, Tohoshinki, Pocky, Sake and…

AssortedKitKatsfromJapan“KITKATS!” — I should really check my priorities in life.

The KitKat flavors were collected like Pokemons. I’d walk the streets of Sakai after our heritage tours, and the next day, suck up all the leg muscle pain and do it over and over again for a week. The streets of Sakai is relatively safe, since cute Japanese school girls still roam around at 10PM and onwards, probably after completing a night in cram schools. The flavors pictured above are: (from middle left) white chocolate cookie, strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, green tea matcha (special gift box edition), cinnamon cookie, hochicha roasted tea, sakura matcha and the classic matcha flavor in ordinary plastic packaging.

Kitkats are only produced only in 13 countries including Japan. From what I’ve read in the past, the different flavors of the Japanese KitKat is a part of the local manufacturer’s marketing strategies to attract younger audiences. In order to increase the demand, they must treat it as if it was a rare collectible. That’s why some KitKat varies come in gift boxes and… I am taking other sites’ word for this since I cannot read Japanese yet… characters of “Kitto Katsu” which means “Sure Win” and coincidentally, sounds like a syllabicated word for KitKat. —> You can comment on this if I got this part wrong, since I can’t read the packaging.

Since I am spending a sh*t-ton of money for a single package of this delectable Japanese snack, might as well post something about it.

I present to you… KITKAT WASABI!


Google says that these KitKats are a Shizuokan Limited Edition flavors. The flavors are special per prefecture (?) or region and this is probably from Shizuoka.


It has 12 pieces of horseradish goodness inside.


The gift box displays good Japanese craftsmanship, if you actually touch the box, it feels velvety and  icons of the horseradish plant is embedded. The box doesn’t even feel like paper, it felt more like a thin soft ivory case.

I have no idea what the cover says… but it surely looks important.


In every piece of KitKat is this white space for a dedication message, since originally, these Kitkats are meant to be gifts.


Each box contains 68 calories. YAY! Which is good… if you only ate a piece or two.



Tearing up the plastic foil releases a burst of wasabi scent. The smell is very strong which challenged me to bite into this. To my demise, the wasabi is just a scent and it just tastes like ice cream. I don’t know if it’s just my high tolerance for spicy food but I didn’t taste a hint of wasabi in the bars.

THE VERDICT? Acquiring the Wasabi flavored KitKat is more of a challenge than the thrill you would want to seek in eating deadly spicy food. Locally produced wasabi confections are spicier than this. As for the taste, I would still consider this one of the best, since it stimulates your sense of smell into thinking that you are actually tasting wasabi, but in your taste buds, you are actually eating vanilla flavored ice cream.


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I HOARD JK FOOD: Happy 28th Yoochun!

I’m not good at remembering birthdays, so when I was quizzed about TVXQ in last year’s KPop Convention… I failed miserably when I was asked “what date is Yoochun’s birthday.” I could have said something sarcastic like “EVERY YEAR” but I was hospitalized several months before, so… my insurance won’t cover my bills if ever the JYJ Philippines admin beat me to a pulp.

But I remembered his birthday… or… I was reminded by other Cassies in my news feed.

Like other creepy and obsessive Cassiopeias I was able to celebrate his birthday…



Ottogi Kiss Ramyeon with Yoochun’s face is not available here in the Philippines, fortunately my sister was able to buy some when she went to Korea. Judging the yellow broth, one must not underestimate it’s spicyness! It has chunks of “siling labuyo” (chili peppers) inside. If you decide to do something evil like… trick your friend who apparently has a very, very low tolerance on spicyness to eat this, you’ll get a good laugh. But… check your insurance first if they cover all kinds of injuries. Hehe~

This one has expired more than a month!

Ottogi best before date

But I didn’t really care because it has Yoochun’s face on it and Discovery Channel said it’s totally safe to eat DRY goods after the Best Before date since it doesn’t have any moisture on it to help breed bacteria on the food. I wouldn’t recommend you do it to especially if you have a weak digestive system. Several hours after eating this, I’m still good.


I like mine with cheese. It kinda tastes like pasta soup if you put one.

In my books, you can never have too much ramyeon in a day but I ate nothing but ramyeon that day… when the clock finally strikes midnight of June 4th, I found myself eating more ramyeon. Suddenly, Jaejoong’s Manager Song played in my mind.


“Calories… T_T”

Since I’m eating spicy ramyeon in a tropical country, sweet and cold refreshments is a must!

I went back to Jupiter street to check out the Korean mart… and look what I found!

Tio Yoochuns

I wish that if you pop one of these, a sexy professor will appear right in front of you. Hehehe~

But instead of a hot professor, I got a very refreshing sugary ice tea…

Tio Tea with ice

…and it’s PEACH FLAVOR! Hee~hee… Momo-flavor!

Yoochun peach flavor

Because it’s sugar and sugar turns into bubbly fat, I found myself again crying silently inside.


“This goes straight to my thighs! T_T”

Yoochun foods are quite expensive though because the Ottogi Ramen is about the same price as an overpriced Shin Ramyeon which is around P30 to P50. The Ice Tea Tio was a killer for the wallet because each 350ml bottle costs P40 when compared to the local Peach ice tea which is sold half of it’s price. But the price is just right when you convert the original Korean Won price to Philippine Peso and my currency is so~ooo dang low.


“ANA! This is me firing at your wallet!”

Buying Yoochun or Korean food in general is always a one time big time event for me.

I would like to end this post with Yoochun’s Ramyeon CF. Hehehe~ From now on… I’ll remember Yoochun’s birthday… EVERY YEAR!

I don’t usually agree with ads, but they were right about the spicyness.

I HOARD JK FOOD: Hansik Festival at Landmark Trinoma

Everyday, I pass at this mall in QC because my ride home is always here. Suddenly I noticed people going out of the grocery with big boxes of Shin Ramyun as if Kim Jong Un will wipe-out the entire South peninsula into smithereens.  I was saving money for our apartment’s renovation, Taekwondo classes and possible SS5 Manila, but the Hanok gate replica got me saying…


This is just one of the several Hanok gate replicas I found all over the grocery.

“Tipsy-ness does wonders to your creativity!”

Taking photos inside the grocery is not allowed. This is one of the stolen shots with my Samsung phone. So… I’ll just describe the whole thing using my Soju-induced words. Okay… so… there are several piles of Shin Ramyuns (Korean Noodles) all over the grocery. This aisle right here is dedicated for foreign goods. The Korean goods are overflowing like a real grocery in Korea. Even the Japanese and European foods were set aside for this one.

Usually, they just sell the basics such as Pororo drinks, Jjampongs and the staple Shin Ramyun. But today is different, they have different flavors of one of my favorite instant Korean noodles… the Bokki-Ramyun.


“I like it DRY!”

It may not be accurate, but I think this variety’s version in Japanese is the Yakisoba and the local version is the well-loved Pancit Canton. The usual Bokki-ramyun they sell in Trinoma is the Tteokbokki flavor or Spicy Rice Cake flavor. A tidbit of trivia, according to E-News’s Korea (as if it’s a very reliable source) survey, one of the most-loved Korean dish by foreigners is the Tteokbokki, and I’m one of those of those foreigners.  For this event, they have Jjajang-bokki (black soybean paste noodle) ramyun and Cheese bokki. If I put it in Do Kyungsoo’s words “Everybody loves CHEESE!”

Also they are selling liters of Milkis! HAH! KFest Events would surely have a throw-up festival if they make the fans drink liters of  fizzy Yakult! Hehehe~

Since I’m not a hardcore Milkis drinker… I settled with the 500ml bottle… a~aaand a Soju!


“Combine these two and you’ll experience paradise!”

Look! Even the Philippine version has Hara on it!

sojuhara“Like it’s your first time! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT! — No Hara! I don’t shake my Soju before drinking.”

As I write this post, it’s getting hotter and hotter! My sweat flows like the Niagra falls because it’s 30+ degrees here in the Philippines with so much ground heat emanating through the night. Alcoholic drinks does not help either because it gives you the illusion of warmth! The good thing about Soju is it does not leave a bad hangover the next day. So it’s okay to drink it in MODERATE amounts even in the middle of the week. But don’t pair it with other alcoholic drinks especially Makgeolli because you’ll have the worst headache you’ll experience in your entire life. Not to mention the gag reflexes everytime you sit. I think it’s okay to drink today because the Philippine Supreme Court issued a TRO on the Commission of Elections’s 5-day liquor ban. Hehehe! Yes, if you’re going to live here, don’t drink prior to elections. IT’S AGAINST THE LAW!

As a girly-girl! I like my Soju on my Hello Kitty mug!


“Cue ‘Melody and Harmony’ by Micky and Jaejooong.”

For Melona addicts, they sell different flavors of Melonas even the Bungeoppang type. If you’re craving for Bungeoppang or want to taste Bungeoppang, I can cook you one!


“He loves Melona so much, he dressed-up as one!”

If you want to hoard Shin Ramyuns and other Hansik items like Kim Jong Un’s gonna destroy the South, I think you can still catch Trinoma’s “Taste of Korea” promo. Usually they do themed promos like this for the whole month. D*mn I REALLY LOVE MAY, except the weather. I’m not a representative of the mall so I don’t know much. They also sell black Shin Ramyun which is the tastier version of Shin Ramyun.

And for Yunho-obsessed-bias people, they sell Sunflowers just at the upper level next to the grocery.

“Those Sunflowers sure looks scrumptious! No, really! Sunflowers makes me hungry!”

As I finish this post, my Soju bottle is also DONE, but not the Milkis. I told you I’m not a hardcore Milkis drinker.


I’m just drinking one bottle because I have work tomorrow.

For the meantime, here’s the official honorary Hansik (Korean Food) Ambassadors, Super Junior!

Eventhough I love Yunho with all my heart and soul but I think Leeteuk is the greatest leader of all next to Erik Mun of Shinhwa!

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