What to do when your bias is in the military?


Your ultimate bias being in the military might be the most painful (or boring) phase of any fan’s life. With no one to spazz on and no album to anticipate for. It feels like that in those two years, life is… incomplete.

During those moments, you can pass the dreaded two years with these… “hopefully…” while keeping your sanity intact:


1.  Focus on other bias groups

One of the common dilemmas an international fan have is having too many group biases. With your ultimate bias out of the way, you can freely allot more time to your number 2.

“I love you, but I gotta pass the time with other gorgeous people!”

Won’t ultimate bias be jealous of this arrangement? Of course not! He’s in the military! Buwaaahahahahahaha!!!


2. Recuperate savings

Okay! So you’ve been to so many concerts of your bias from the time they debuted until their goodbye concert including those that are outside of your country.



It might have come to the point that you’ve almost sold an internal organ just to see them regularly, or have collected mounds of debt in doing so. The two-year hiatus is the perfect time to save up again.


“And hopefully be rich enough to go to their comeback concert.”

…Or alternatively, make yourself even poorer with…


3. Backtrack on lost time

Bias is appearing on shows left and right, and almost every month they release another version of their album.


tonecovers“I mean, COME ON!!!”

With no new album coming in for the next two years, you can finally complete your collection.


“Even the ones that costs more than a concert ticket!”

There are also tons of unwatched shows floating around the internet that you haven’t watched after all theses years.

“Years of good stuff here.”

But then again, your loved ones may be wondering why you haven’t been outside for a long time. This might be the perfect time also to…


4. Focus on other hobbies

For sure you have other interests besides oppa, right?




“Stalking him on SNS is not considered another hobby.”

Your schedule now is a blank slate, you can finally focus on other things such as your studies and the things you cannot do because you have to wait for oppa’s new  MV to be uploaded on their official channel.


“Or you can try climbing a mountain?”


5. Travel the world (other than Korea and Japan)

For the longest time, there are just two countries in your mind: South Korea, and Japan. During their service, why not try seeing other places that are not tied to your bias?


“Like Prague? Still connected?”


6. Spend time (and money) on other things

Supporting all of their activities made you sacrifice some finer things in life, like a new wardrobe, or a food trip to an interesting place…


“Or Legos!”

No activities meant you can have enough money to indulge yourself of things you never get to enjoy because oppa has been hogging up your hard-earned cash.


7. Go for higher goals than KGoals

For the longest time, it’s all about your bias, your goals consists of seeing bias live, or having an encounter with bias, but now that oppa is serving his country, those goals can wait and you can pursue what you want without your hands tied to KPop.

In my case, this item became true. I set a deadline to myself that I am going to pursue working for a studio or seek for a higher career ladder when Dong Bang goes to the military.

As soon as Yunho stepped inside the barracks, my resignation letter was on my editor’s desk that morning.

I used to be a web graphic artist for a reputed news website in the country and have done several coverages on Korean culture and KPop, but then again, my burning passion was on comics and animation.

I have no qualms or complaints with my former job, in fact, sometimes I miss the adrenaline of seeing dignitaries and Korean stars up close and personal, but on the other hand, I was very lucky to land where I wanted to be. The road in getting there was very hard, in fact, I really miss those Cassies who helped me during those years.

In some ways I regret that decision, but the satisfaction I feel that finally I am where I wanted to be is rewarding.

I am not saying that you follow my footsteps because in this economy, my move is considered as suicide.

What I am trying to say is that now you have more spare time to do more things you always wanted to do, however I do discourage you from leaving your job. Maybe you got other hobbies like knitting or something, or drawing stuff, you have more time to focus on those things now.

“Maybe publishing a comic?”

Or you can follow oppa’s footsteps and be a…


8. Follow on their footsteps (be a product endorser)


This is Tintin, she is a bonafide Cassiopeia. Since Yunho is in the military, she decided to join a model search contest for a department store here in the Philippines.

After much deliberation, she… became an endorser for SM Department Store’s Accessories!


“Not connected with SM Entertainment in Korea but I’m pretty sure she wishes it did.”

— In those two years, even Changmin is unsure that fans might still be waiting because two years is such a long time. During those moments we might have moved on and those memories might just be a part of a phase in our lives. He knew that it is an accepted fact that we may move forward, and for sure they will too. But the most important thing is… we had a such a great time and for some, fandom became a bridge or a window of opportunity just as it did to me and to the other Cassiopeias I knew.

Some of them worked in Korean institutions because they were inspired by their bias, and some of them had a goal to pursue in their careers because they were inspired.

But some of them took it a level higher!


“Kudos to ‘yah! And you may endorse products with Yunho in the future.”

I might sound as if I am bidding my farewell to Dong Bang but don’t worry, I am not.

I am waiting for their return.

CATCH UP MAX!: MNet Drama MIMI (미미) Review

Thank you for landing on this post (or given this blog’s SEO fail, you have no choice but to land here.) Let me warn you that this is a lengthy post because the concept of brevity is very alien to me and a short post will not suffice explaining myself without sounding like a Dong Bang Shin Ki anti-fan.

Seriously, I’ve even followed them in Taipei to watch their concert and acquired this illegal fancam!



I’ve removed my previous entries regarding this drama because, I’ve read the post over and over again and the more I read it, the more embarrassing flaws and seemingly anti-fan sentiments came up, AND it wasn’t loooong enough to explain everything.

 If you don’t like long posts, then you can read this review instead.

 In this post, I’ll be comparing the original avant-garde movie “M” to its TV counterpart to Littlewood’s Law.


 Are you sure about this?

 Then, read on.

 TV VERSION: In a nutshell

 Minwoo is a 28-year old webtoon author of a famous web series “December 8th,” it was all fine and dandy until a commenter under the username “Fire Warrior” wrote “This is based on real events.”

mimi-01Y U DO DIS?

 Like any overly sensitive creator on the face of the internet, he suddenly suffers writer’s block and harasses his manager to hunt down his troll

mimi-02I don’t remember you, but I will find you, and when I find you, I will kill you.

 Only to find out that his troll just lives across his apartment and it was his a-hole bully classmate in high school.

mimi-03Just like old times.

 Fire Warrior only has to say one thing to make him go on a wild goose chase with his past ghost.


 Hopeful that the chase will answer how in the heck three months of his 18-year old life was gone and get back his mojo.

mimi-04No seriously, HOW? I want to forget it too!

 After several road trips, “cleansing sessions,” suicide attempts, smoke inhalation from lighting several matchsticks, bad hangovers, purgatory-zoning his pretty editor who’s clearly into him, a lunar eclipse, and a breakdown on his friend’s wedding, he finally concludes that the “December 8th” comic was the three months of his life that disappeared ten years ago that keeps on creeping back in his subconscious mind. That, the very reason for his amnesia (and unexplained depression) was Mimi’s ghost striking a deal with the Angel of Death to exchange her life over Minwoo’s in an agreement that he must never remember her to make things easier for him, since — in Minwoo’s world, everyone he makes a connection with, DIES!

mimi-05Why does everyone I talk to DIES!

 Big screen to small screen


 The drama was adapted from the movie “M” starring Kang Dongwon as the original Han Minwoo and Lee Yeonhee as Mimi. It is an experimental avant-garde psychological thriller that leaves a bittersweet taste and is a must-see movie for every visual arts student out there. Director Lee Myungse refrained from using computer graphics but instead focused on using lighting techniques to achieve a dreamlike scenery.


 As an artists myself that thinks of nothing but rainbows and dragon unicorns, the richness of color and representation coupled with deep heart-wrenching quotes landed a spot as one of my memorable movies I’ve watched.


 The drama version has promised to keep it’s experimental charms and avant-garde(ness) but will be changing some of the plot to make it suitable for television. This time, Han Minwoo is played by Shim Changmin and Mimi by upcoming actress Moon Gayoung.

 You can watch the movie “M” here, and the whole set of the drama here. Or, if those links are not working anymore — Google is friend.

 Consistencies and Changes

 If my memory is correct, the original Minwoo was a novelist suffering from writer’s block, while the TV version made him into an online webtoon writer. Movie Mimi is a vibrant 18-year old slow-witted high school student, while TV Mimi is a smart home-schooled sickly 18-year old girl who has psychic abilities.


 The symbolisms and famous lines remained but was diluted to make it more friendly to Cassiopeias or younger audiences — which, if it was the first one, I wouldn’t get it since our average ages range from very late teens to early 30’s. I wouldn’t know if their intention is to recruit younger fans, but at first glance, the adaptation wasn’t really my cup of tea, or if it was, maybe if I was 13?

 The addition of the match box is likely inspired by the fairy tale “The Little Match Girl” wherein the girl lights up a match to see the soul of her deceased grandmother in heaven. On this one, Minwoo lights up a match to see Mimi’s ghost and asks away.

 Umbrella man’s role was turned multifunctional. In the movie, he’s just a novel stalker following Mimi around, while on this one, he plays both the stalker, the Lupin bartender, and… SPOILER ALERT — Angel of Death.

 In terms of screenplay, it is a combination of Ghost Whisperer’s Love Never Dies and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In Love Never Dies, the older sister trades her life in exchange for her brother’s, and Eternal Sunshine’s Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey having messed-up memories as a side effect of a new neurological procedure that deletes painful memories.

What they’ve also changed is the plot of the story, instead of the entire series pondering on Mimi’s death, they’ve also added some generic time travel “save your bae in the past” thing.


In this version, Minwoo can be pro-active with whether Mimi is gone forever, or will she return again?

mimi-15But… I’m too EMO to actually do anything.

 It’s unique point of being a feast in the eyes was kept in both versions. The movie has it’s beautiful visual typography and contrasts that makes the color burn through the screen, while it’s counterpart experimented on how a parallax webtoon works when a user scrolls down and the clean crisp color treatment on the final film. Though, Kang Dongwon’s Minwoo is much more gritty, violent, and disgruntled than Shim’s sappy, suicidal, emo rendition of Minwoo.

mimi-05“When I’m sad, I go cross-country hunting down the ghost of my past because, EMOYOLO!!!”

 Which brings us to the low points of the drama…

 The Bad

 M’s simple, yet bittersweetly heart-wrenching story is a promising material for any adaptation. It’s story gives a lot of room for creative experimentation of visuals and non-linear storytelling. However, the producers’ attempt to maintain it’s avant-garde charms didn’t blend well with their goal to make it digestible for an ordinary TV audience. The first two episodes abused too much foreshadowing causing too many threads to follow. If the aim was to simulate a man’s really messed-up memory, well, it really messed up the story thread. Some of the clues to Minwoo’s memory were either too much giveaway or was introduced all at the same time without giving much needed processing time for the audience.

 Second is the editing, there are some scenes that could have been better if some of them were clipped or was added on later episodes. Making the actor’s performance suffer or look like they are working too little or too much.

 It seems like the drama was made for young Cassiopeia fan-service, or… in my case… a fulfillment of my fantasy of seeing Shim as a comic artist.

tumblr_n3ts39ugru1so42meo1_500MY KIND OF FAN-SERVICE

 Third, Mimi’s character was turned into an stereotypical Korean tragic love story, which in my opinion, they should have kept her healthy. It might bear more weight since Minwoo’s character who is already a lethargic emo kid. It will have more impact if Mimi was bouncing off walls smiling like Joker without holding her chest than both of them having a scenic pity party on each other’s loss. Besides, the young lady will die from a car crash, not from heart failure.

tumblr_nem2b437VQ1qd6es4o1_500Why so serious? — BEST. PICK-UP. LINE. TO A GUY. EVER.

Fourth, it seems that this is like a big SM Town billboard, only promoting their ballads and their newest rookie singer Wendy of Red Velvet. The soundtrack is nice and all, but it didn’t have the same haunting effect as BoA’s “Mist” which was used on the original.

 I am aware that both soundtracks (the one that Shim performs on a guitar that can be heard all over the drama) were remakes, but something tells me that one of the producers was from Reply 1994.

 The flashback montages are big music videos which has nothing to do with the story, but it still occupied the majority of the drama, leaving me as confused as Minwoo.

 mimi-crossdissolveDoes the forever cross-dissolve and panning a part of the story? I’m confused.

 You see, even though I laud SME for developing memorable groups, I agree with Heechul’s remark of SME is bad with dramas.


 Which also makes me think that part of the reason the three left the company is because of sh*tty drama projects!

roof-park-yoochun-true-actor“If I didn’t leave SME, I wouldn’t be able to turn into a Choseon Prince that you all love!”

 Shim is perfect for the role, his statuesque physique coupled with his school boy looks that can turn dark in any moment is a manhwa fan’s dream. However, it wasn’t the acting — it was poor directing.


 If I were to compare his role as Momo to this, he has potential to play such disturbing characters, but the director wasn’t able to realize this potential.

tumblr_mkkzgzCMeh1qzyjtyo2_250In the hands of a good director, Momoko is an Osaka seductress.



Not against Shim here or any of the actors and actresses but the writing was so poor and the revelations were hurriedly incorporated to fit four episodes. Minwoo’s character doesn’t have anything to redeem himself to prove that he’s more than just a sappy emo troubled guy, and what disturbs me the most is in reality, a person who exhibits Han Minwoo’s behavior is likely suffering from mental illness, I don’t know how serious given I only have four years of Fine Arts education but this may look severe! There was nothing the actors can do to save this poorly written fan-service drama even if they try.

Watch this drama if you are a really, really, undying fan of Changmin that you love the guy so much you’d be willing to jump off a tall building in a jiffy if he tells you to.


Like me!

The Good

 Honestly, the first two episodes were so confusing, even several bottles of beer and coke rum didn’t help my brain to appreciate it.

mimi-beerThe struggle is real!

 But, I won’t be writing this entry if I didn’t give it another chance.

mimi-05“Thank you noona!”

 I mean… this is part of my love-hate relationship with Shim.

mimi-05“Wait, whut?!”

 Aside from the pilot’s web-toon treatment, the good thing about the drama is it’s richness in sappy emo quotes. The kind of stuff that you see on internet memes.

mimi-08Not… exactly.

 As I mentioned before, if the soundtrack was judged as an SME album, then it sounds pretty nice.

 Changing also the plot twist gives a different spin from the movie. I wouldn’t mention which, ‘cos that will take out the fun from the original.

 Lastly is their depiction of a visual artist at work. It took the liberty of showing what it’s really like to be a present day artist:

 Glossing over Wacoms.


 Spending relatively sleepless nights and foregoing personal hygiene.


Replacing food, water, and medicine with coffee.

mimi-10Worse? Sloshing down one year expired concentrated pressed coffee!

Being harassed by editors when deadlines are looming!


 I mean, I could look at that Creative Suite on that Cintiq with a touch-free glove for days. Ahhh~


 I kinda felt sad that I’d always tell people I originally dream to be a comic artist while I was in college. I trained for about two years just to get it right, but several years of hand dormancy has significantly diminished what I’ve learned before. It wasn’t because of lack of opportunity in my country, but because I couldn’t find the time and courage to do so.

 Why? Here is when I somehow realize that I am looking at a part of me on the screen.

 It gets creepy… real creepy.

 First Love

 During Mimi’s press conference, Shim says that “it will remind you of your first love.” I’ve seen that theme in almost every Korean mainstream material there is, which, if you ask me…

fx+rum+pum+pum+teaser_2I don’t…


shinhwa-firstlove… their fixation…

 Reply-1997-Poster-2… over their first…

… love at all!

 What could possibly be so nerve-rackingly different about this?

 Seriously, I don’t get it at all. Call me bitter but, I’ve never seen (or at least within my circle) whose fixated over the guy / girl they’ve dated during their teens. Hormone-fueled decisions should be forgotten for LIFE!!!

I’m waiting for you to regret this decision three years from now.
 And seriously, it’s like 2005 all over again.

BOMIThat time when Shim first discovered tragic love story drama.

 I mean… what could you possibly want to remember when you were…

 18 years old… WAIT!mimi-16

 Raining… WAIT!mimi-17What he said!

 Car accident, and it was raining… WAIT!mimi-caraccident

 Something that happened during the 8th… WAIT!mimi-25

 A calendar… WAIT!mimi-18

 And a fine arts school… HORY SHET!!!mimi-19

 My hands started to get clammy, my heart begins to sink, and my lips suddenly craved for more alcohol. I started to suspect that SM Entertainment has planted a bug on me since 2005. Why in the world would my ultimate bias do that? WHY?! JUST, WHY?!?!?!!!

 Let’s just say, while I was in fine arts, getting all obsessed with becoming a comic artist, I was 18, I met this really tall guy who’s kinda emotionally troubled, and during the 8th of September, got into a car accident, made a legendary calendar and comic book, and was in it for another two and a half years.

CM-kabayohissingAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *throws beer bottle*

 I wish I was lying about this. But the good thing is… NOBODY DIED — TWICE!

mimi-20Yep! ‘Cos that will haunt me forever.

 I mean, I’m not gonna deny nor confirm the accuracy of this drama of my 18 year-old self.

mimi-24You know, there was this room at the 5th floor of the fine arts building wherein we stack all our paintings and… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! SHIM, STAHP, DIVULGING, MORE DETAILS!!! YOU’RE CREEPING NOONA OUT!!!

 In Watase Yuu’s Tohoshinki fan account, she shared that one of the reasons why most of her colleagues were Changmin-biased is because if they were reborn as male, they wanted to be him. In my case, part of the reason was every time I was doing generic flower boy guys and it kinda looked like Shim. It’s like seeing my imagination come to life. I didn’t give it much thought back then and totally forgot about it.

 In 2005 (06) – the year I started training to draw comics, we saw the Samsung Yepp CF set playing at the college auditorium, and it seems that the guy I was dating then remarked it’s good to see a spunky girl that can keep up with the other guys — only to find out years later that the spunky girl, was indeed — a spunky guy!

TVXQ-hero-jae-joong-6727532-800-1200With nice racks!

 I wouldn’t say much about the eerie coincidences because that will make me sound like a crazy fan, but there is this thing that we call Littlewood’s Law which is a concept that if you think an event is so extraordinary, there is a big chance of it happening in an average of every 35 days.

 For example… I’d never think that Shim will go running around as a centaur to greet the year of the horse…


 …until I retreated back on my computer chair and say “I stand corrected.”

 And after that, I’d never thought Shim would dress up as a girl again until…


 I… stand corrected.

 Coincidences, according to Michael of VSauce is our mechanism to find a sense of connection. The eerie coincidences just keep on flowing until I had it, paused the video to go to the bathroom walking like an angry zombie, returned to my chair and plays at this, exact, moment.


 Even though it was creepily similar, the good thing is… I’m not Minwoo or Mimi after ten years.

 “They are first, because it is imperfect”

 I am quoting the original movie here because this is my more accurate opinion about the topic. Even if the drama was basically a role play of what happened to me ten years ago including the ghosts and psychic dreams. I’d completely forgot about it years ago. My Minwoo already have his Eunhye, while I just have gone Mimi’s path to freedom.

 Although I am not wishing to meet the person again, the last part of the drama did really hit the spot. When you were foolish, the only thing you wanted to say is sorry and make sure numerous times that they are doing okay. The damage was done and there’s nothing you can do about it even if the universe gave you the chance to go back in time.

 Maybe I was so creeped-out that my eyes started to well-up during the last bar scene.


 But you know what, this is one accurate depiction of what the first is, it’s imperfect, you’re kinda hormonal about it, so you mess up really bad, but that’s okay, it’s meant to be like that. Because, it paves a way to the next one.


 As for me, well… I don’t want to follow Minwoo who wants to find happiness in being with another person.



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— Notes from the author: I was supposed to publish this post during the time the second MV was released, but due to fever, migranes, and foot injury, I wasn’t able to finish this, so pardon my tardiness.

M2“Sorreh guys.”

Until now, my foot is still killing me, but I can walk fine, unlike a few days ago.

136035_original“Hey! What a coincidence!”

Good thing those painkillers are e~ffec~ti~iiiiive~~~~.

trippy“Su~uuuuu~pe~eeeeer~e~ffec~ti~iiiiiiive~” (wallpapervortex.com)

Before February closed, the boys were back with the single “Suri Suri” or Spellbound as the English title suggests.


Since it’s the time of the month, I shall give a special highlight to my bias of the week… Yunnie-bunny-oppa!!!


“Yes, that kind of TIME OF THE MONTH!”


I apologize for that.

The MV starts with these two playing  roulette with cards, which, I am not sure how you play roulette with cards. Realistically speaking, if your husband or life partner is so into gambling, you might run into problems like this:

SuriSuri01“Oppa! Are those my Tiffanys? Put that back! I ain’t giving you permission to gamble those away!”

The money they are gambling with is freakier than any unregulated tender.

SuriSuri02“Erm… not sure what these money can buy?”

And that guy is just as coy as ever.


 Dictated by Korean culture of seniority, oppa is responsible for paying everything…

SuriSuri05“The food bill alone is a killer. MUST. STEAL. MORE. TIFFANYS.”

 …which makes this coy bastard smirking at his adversary.

SuriSuri06“Win or lose, you pay for all of these!”

Somehow, makes me think that their are not betting on the muniez, but who picks up the tab, since this duo have a difficulty agreeing with each other.

The music video’s theme is no different from the “Great Gatsby” treatment they’ve done with Something. From following SME’s trend, they seem to stick to one treatment as long as it still works until we, the fans are so sick and tired of it.

Remember their 360 cam obsession back then?


Dance steps are shot in continuous like in EXO’s Growl. And something tells me, they’ll be sticking to this type of MV for a long time just like their 360 cam and Skrillex episode.

In the past, KPop MV’s are just as creepy as fudge when they just introduce one girl or boy to the mix in a feeble attempt to stop fans hunting down that model / actress. One thing that made me happy about TVXQ’s new gimmick is that they have incorporated more women dancers in their dance routine and MV’s… which, I am so adding this move to my roster of terribly awkward spazzy dances.

SuriSuri-girls“Yay! Spazzing over oppa ri~iiight here!”

This time, the female dancers are interacting with these guys more intimately, which makes the steps more believable for a love song.

The set is the usual box room, but it is not as impressive as the set in Something.


SME has received a lot of flak from international netizens because of their incessant use of box rooms. I am not complaining though, ‘cos if it works them, then they can do a hundred more box MV’s. Besides, they’ve been doing that box thing like forever.

It’s quick, it doesn’t take forever to set-up and it doesn’t take much of the idols’ energy, they just have to stay in one place and dance. Contrary to what others believe, they have done exceptional drama MV’s such as BoA’s Disturbance (featuring TaeMan) and Before You Go. Let us note that their idols spew new singles almost every month, if given such a short time, then their staff have to go for the quickest route, not unless if you are willing to wait for eons like EXOtics.

Box MV’s if done correctly can show the production team’s creativity and the band’s dance moves, but… given all of SME’s profit and talented staff who can whip up a concept on the go, isn’t it time to step up their game?

Just sayin’ SME, you take a lot of inspiration from the other peninsula, and you have your SM Rookies.

The second MV feels like EXO’s Growl 2. Shot continuously, but added some editing fancy to spice it up a bit. In this version, the boys costumes keep on changing in certain parts of the song.

The transition is seamless, until the 2:45 mark, when Yunho hands over the card to Changmin, I dunno if it’s just my hypersensitivity that the microsecond jump shocked my senses.

As for the costume changes, I know that this suggestion will wear down the boys (and the crew) further, but to make this effect fancier, the costume changes should be more than three or four outfits for a perfect blink effect. Therefore giving the video editor more room for creativity.

SuriSuri-YH05“Because you can obviously see how many times oppa had these hands smeared all over him take after take.”

In both MV’s, there was a ton of Changmin close-ups, which I only find in Japanese PV’s… During the day, I customize my screen to what I call the Panic Screen, it’s basically a bunch of Adobe software lined up perfectly with my email window and a tiny tab for MV’s. It works like a charm to my focus, I don’t know how, but it really does, not when there’s a lot of Changmin close-ups. My brain shuts down completely for whatever reasons!

SuriSuri-CM01“Changmin! Stop distracting noona! You can perfectly breathe on your own!”

Seriously, I have to drop everything for a while when this shot comes up!

SuriSuri-CM02“Swiper! No SWIPING!”

While Lord Voldemin is having a shot of his life in a Korean MV, I am noticing something with oppa’s scenes. O_O~


SuriSuri-YH03“YH to Mr. Director: Is this really necessary?”

I know Miss Dancer is not really reaching down his “feels” but… uhhh~ okay Mr. Director, whatever angle floats your boat.

About the song… well, be ready to have your “DB5K” thread stroked…


…well, if it really does, but I’m putting a disclaimer anyway!

From what I remember, SPELLBOUND is an alternative meaning to DB5K’s epic single “Mirotic” as JJ coined the term from the word “Miro” which means maze, and if you are stuck in the maze of love, then it is like you are under a spell! SPELLBOUND is also the title of Mirotic’s remix version that was played in their last Asia Tour as five.

I am not here to impose some conspiracy theories, but whether the title is a coincidence or not, both are really nice songs.

But there is no stopping me from mentioning the former.


Mirotic’s lyrics are more carnal… venting on… well, depends on your interpretation, it may sound like a crime of passion or that weird fetish we call S&M.

yoochun-miroticpart“Uhm, I’m not sure about that though.”

But to me it sounds like the first one.

chunfez-perv“I don’t care if you are freakin’ Micky Yoochun, but if I see you creepin’ on me like that! I am calling the cops!”

Before this conversation turns societal and culturally ugly, girls, remember… respect yourselves and other girls first, and oppa will respect you back. Which is greater than having them remember you as one of those creepy sasaengs who do terrible things. Araseeoyo?

Aside from the sinful interpretation, Mirotic is also a message song for Cassiopeias and BIGEASTs who have held on strong in the fandom for the last five years. Unlike their Japanese counterparts, Korean boybands have a short career lifespan and it is already a feat if they lasted for more than five years. 2008 was DB5K’s fifth year and presumably, the epoch of their careers, but what follows broke the hearts of many fans, and even stepped on some political sensitivities of both Japan and Korea.

If we try to look at the MV and the lyrics in a more positive light, the Red girl suppose to represent Cassiopeia. Who through thick and thin has stood by their side, relentlessly following every activity they had and purchasing album after album even at some point meant destroying their own lives. Even if… in real life, oppa will never ever know of their presence except in numbers.

Untitled-1“What is love? What! It’s now meant by the Red Ocean”

Even if the original intention of Jaejoong or SME were wholesome, the tunes were derived from Sarah Connor’s Under My Skin which is sexual in nature. Some of it’s remnants ended up in the Korean lyrics, ‘cos I’m not sure if it has more recall in Korean or they are keeping it consistent with the original, but the chorus was easy for me to memorize.

sarahconor“Can I just say that she has fantastic long legs?”

My cray-cray Cassiopeia side of me has no courage to compare Mirotic to any song of the trio, or duo, or quintet, since I got to this “devil’s ride” when I saw Mirotic. I started to worship Changmin and what happened next is a downward spiral to Crazyville and sleepless nights.

changmincreepyface“HELP, ME~EEEEE!!!~~~”


Do they really have to assign the “food” part to Changmin?

SuriSuri06“This noona is not paying for your dinner!”

The lyrics, like their banner song Something, has impressed me for going beyond saranghaeyo. These words really sound like a guy who wants his girl to stay, well… I’m going in my late twenties later this year and if some kid will try to woo me with a plain saranghaeyo, you ain’t getting anywhere. The words compose a mature love song to cater to long time Cassiopeias who, by now are awaiting or have heard these from their boyfriends or husbands.

If you are in my age… this is just as sweet as fudge, the literal fudge.

somethingchocolate“Yes… chocolate fudge. 676 calories! WHOSE COUNTING THEM ANYWAY!” (dbsknights)

What is also amazing is, in spite of the dance routine’s many skinship moments, the lyrics do not bear much physical or suggestive sexual innuendos at all.

SuriSuri-YH02“But that doesn’t stop me from wanting this chunk of Korean meat at all!”






My score is pretty high, not because I am a Cassiopeia, but I really think this is really good.

From comments I keep on reading on pages and forums, fans always say that the repackage single is always better than the banner song. To that I agree. Is that part of their marketing strategy to keep us buying the same thing more than twice?

If so, it is working.

And oh, Changmin, my fling with Yunho oppa only lasts for a week every month. Don’t worry, this cray-cray noona loves you neomu, neomu much.


Even if this crazy noona is just one of the thousands of other crazy noonas out there to get you! Hohoho, hehehe, hahaha!!! *smiles at the last GIF creepily*


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Top 32 reasons why I like Max Changmin!

How do I love thee? — As the famous classical writer Elizabeth Barrett Browning would say. But how do I love thee… thee bias? I would often say that mine is unusual for a common fangirl who just swoon over physical looks. Yes, we are no different from the opposite gender since both need something that will grab their attention, if for boys, boobs and booties grab their attention, ours is… well, you know… women, long list.

As of posting time, I am currently a 26-year old web artist for a major online news in the country. From time to time, I shoot or write about Hallyuwave local events. I am not much of a writer since I’ve dedicated my entire life in practicing visual arts. AND I’ve been “worshiping” this eastern god for about four and a half years now. Having said that, I think I have upgraded from the short girly list of fully swooning over a pretty face to having a womanly long demanding list of expectations. But I have to reiterate, I am a very shallow person.

If a guy is reading this post, whether believe it or not, we can see right through you. Only a shallow woman would go purely for looks. There should be some innate qualities you have that will sweep us off our feet. Unfortunately for a “Forever Alone” woman like me, I don’t have much choice here. I am limited to fantasize on celebrities, might as well make the most out of it.

So what would four and a half years of swooning over Changmin be like? In the first years, you will be allured by their demigod looks and status, but later on, you want something more, something that is closer to what you might want to pattern your future partner with. Abs? No. They spend too much time in the gym more than you. Okay, maybe?


But maybe you are not as philosophical (or serious) like that, maybe you just want something to talk about with other fangirls who have the same bias as you and compare notes.

I have made a top 32 list of what I like about my KPop bias (and then others would say, wow, she’s really going crazy with this).

1. He looks like a Japanese-Filipino guy

I am a Filipino so that should come in the territory. If you can’t view the video, here’s the GIF version.

Yes, I can confirm that he does look a little Southeast Asian. I was surprised myself when I first saw him perform in Bangkok. I was in the front row of the football stadium and I can see closely what he looks like. From there, I had an affirmation that he resembles the uber handsome Japanese-Filipino I randomly met when I was younger. But the guy is older than him. The dude was also tall and handsome that I have to slap myself back to reality in order to do basic functions like crossing the street.

“An ironic twist to what could be the best day of my life, only having my life end right that instant.”

2. His voice resembles a freakin’ tsunami siren

It may not be as manly as Kelly Jones’s (my favorite vocalist), but I have a certain fondness with singers who can belt high notes ala Celine Dion.

To whatever government, give him a seaside mansion and always have a complete sound system installed everywhere, so that when the tide comes, he could just scream “TSU~UUUUUNAAAAAAAMIIIIIIII” in that pitch. Imagine, fans (and sasaengs) would flock in that place and increase the tourism revenue and at the same time, save millions of tax-payers money for a disaster warning system.

“Imagine the possibilities.”
The screen name “Choikang” means Maximum in Korean, because he can hit high notes (like a girl) effortlessly. During his audition, he won the best vocal award.

Besides, there is a website that says some women might be swooning for guys who can belt it out like neither their testosterone or Adam’s apple don’t exist. It’s too bad that I lost the link to that website.

3. He is a certified nerd…

During TVXQ’s earlier days, Changmin ranked as one of the brainiest / intelligent KPop stars in Arirang International.

“Top. History. Student. My. Feels. Are. About. To. Explode.”
If so… he can answer the question of how bad it was to not check his reflection on cutlery using this scale? Huh? Max-Man?

He may not have flashed his school records like Song Joong Ki or Kim Tae Hee… or even his best friend Kyuhyun, I’d give it to the guy. Besides, haven’t we seen what he did in GOV?

“Indeed! I can’t even memorize birthdays.”

“Can we, declare this a national holiday or something?”

Not to mention, he is an endorser / ambassador for one of Korea’s top Humanities and Science university.

“I wish he was my classmate when I was in art school, I would have drawn better.”
His inauguration photo looks adorkable too!

“Awww~ he looks like a dork, THAT I WANT TO PUNCH! How cute!” #cuteaggressive

His rumored IQ is 150 points. Seriously? I’m not even a hundred points (even if I am already an adult), and South Korea’s national average is 106 points. At most I’ll go with 130 or 140 points — the score our high school valedictorian has, who made it to top 6 in the national bar exams.

4. …And a certified geek…

Our maknae is an avid Changmin-hater. Well, you can’t really please everybody but given the history I had with boys, I seem to have a habit of cherry-picking nerds and geeks. Most of my friends, both guys and gals are in this category and she just couldn’t handle all that geek! But don’t worry, I can’t handle her “socialite” thing too, it’s a truce. When I asked her about it, she simply said that he looked like a geeky art student. Yes, imagine all the red, fat, beefy hearts flying in my head that moment while an expression of disgust is drawn all over her face.

“Ate, Ewww~”

I am not a full pledged geek or nerd myself, but what others consider weird behavior is like a my kryptonite. My AADBSK 3 DVD was my priced TVXQ possession besides JJ’s Anan and their Rolling Stones magazine because in one of the DVD’s chapter, I noticed a nicely-colored blue shirt, oh, how I loved that shade of blue, wait… is that what I think it is?


My dad is a big Star Wars fan, bring up a single related SW item and he won’t stop blabbing about it. Although he may fanboy in silence but when I was a kid, he would scold me for doing a Vader impersonation. Oh, god! And when I brought home a Darth Vader M&M’s poster (a Philippine promotional merchandise from Revenge of the Sith) he gave my cute poster a stink eye and… I couldn’t remember the exact words, but he went full blast philosophical about it. I thought CM’s shirt was just a fad, not until it was revealed how he loves the franchise.

“If you want to know what I’m talking about, click the photo. DO IT! DO IT!”

While mostly would shout “Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala” if they want to think of something, his apparently is the Star Wars theme song.

“Now it’s legit to carry these in a TVXQ concert while in a slave Leia outfit. Hey! Hear that sound? That’s the sound of my dad disowning me!”

5. …And how adorable he looks while swooning over his fandom.

If you love something, express it. Do I need to say more? In my books, this is more adorable than an aegyo!

“Trying to be diplomatic about it and suddenly…”

“…a burst of feels!”

“Focus boy! FOCUS!”

“CASSIOPEIA VERSION: Replace Legos with TVXQ merchandises”

“CASSOPEIA VERSION: Replace Lego World with a Dong Bang fan meeting or concert”

It’s good to know that the dude who is partly responsible for our fan club name is no different from us.

6. How he is as the Agent 007 of the group, or duo, whatever!

As a former girl scout, I approve of this! And yes, that, is how you pack your bags soldier!

Okay, so… the video was already taken down in Youtube. In Strong Heart, the mc’s go rummaging on CM’s bag contents and they were surprised to see that his bag is like a mini convenience store. I give him plus points for the re-usable shopping bag. If my memory is correct, he said something like: I shop using a re-usable bag because it is more environment friendly.

7. How sexy his eyes look if he is trying to answer a history question.

A follow-up to item number three. Why can’t I find dudes like these in a quiz bee competition? WHY?! I have joined a few, but, zero, nada, opseo! WHY?!

Even though he is not answering trivia questions, his eyes have the ability to look super cute and at times fierce. That’s what we call versatility guys!

“If he sees an outstanding girl from the crowd, he remembers her appearance like a picture forever. I… would like to experience the Changmin-glare and I… should glare at him back! — I swear, I will get that glare! For all the good reasons of course.”

8. He is quite a rocker

In a Japanese interview, he said that his favorite Japanese band is B’zs. I wonder if he actually settled in that vocal range because he wants to scream like a rock star, but ended up in a boyband? Hmmm?

And this! Oh god! X-Japan!

  Oh yes, pre-requisite sexy.

9. His untamed hair

“Lies! ALL LIES!!!”

All my life, my poofy hair has been the bane of my existence! I used the word “poofy” because I couldn’t describe it as curly. It’s not even pretty!

“Here’s an accurate depiction of it”

Until I’ve read a fan forum board or was it an interview, that he asked fans not to give him a comb. A big brush is what he needed the most. His reason is that, a plastic comb would break in half if he ran it across HIS POOFY HAIR! It’s like, the heavens has sent an angel in my life!

“The messiah of POOFY.”

Not only his crown has an untamed mane, it was all over! He is a very, very hairy boy and I am a national forest. In a BTS interview, CM said the most difficult thing he encountered while he was shooting his first television drama other than the punishing acting training and schedule, it was the preparation for this scene:

Let us not forget the pain he suffered in a waxing salon just to satisfy our carnal fantasies of him. If the universe would allow it, and… uhh~ let’s say we had a kid… he would end up like this:

“Our son, isn’t he handsome?”

10. The quirks of his weird pronunciations both in Hangul and Nihonggo

He seem to have a problem with the pronunciation of “ae.” I tried searching the internet or asking other people, it’s really weird. Here’s how he called BAEkhyun:

And here’s another one in Catch Me’s “WAE”:

(mark at 3:29)

Sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he doesn’t. But we all find that cute, right? Or it’s just me who noticed?

11. His awkwardness

Maybe it’s just the age but I am not amused with hallyu-celebs showing their aegyo.

“Except him.”

I don’t get it, why do it? If a guy does that? Would you think it’s adorable? Do they like doing it? I don’t think so. A little feeling of embarrassment afterwards shows that they are human too, it’s all a show, but I’m still not into that sh*t.

And in some of their choreography, he seems to have a hard time loosening up.

“The other one trusts the physics, while the other is not trusting  the forces of gravity.” 

Isn’t that cute! Yah, I know, I’m twisted like that.

12. The derps

So… I heard he is the most handsome creature who graced this planet, tell me more!

“It’s like catching Pokemons. Hehehe~”

I even made a compilation to glorify it! Handsome pictures are boring!

“I take everything back!”

Plus, derps make a good response on social media posts since the dawn on image replies.

“This can be used from ‘OH GAHD NO!’ to ‘WTF’s going on?!'”

13. He’s introverted, well, mostly

That’s what he said! There are some findings that say introverted people tend to be more sensitive than extroverts. Their definition of quality time is an alone time and socialization is spent with a few good friends than a big party.

Introverted people are mostly intellectual. *swoons*”

But one might debate over this. Changmin works in showbiz which requires a lot of interaction with people, but in order to recharge or think of new ideas, he wanted solitude. While I am writing this post, I only have several hours after midnight to ponder on this. As a result, it took longer than I expected to finish a paragraph because I have to think really hard. By now, I am listening to Youtube pink noise to block out all the sounds in the environment and it is doing wonders, it’s giving me an illusion that I am all by myself. Okay, back to him… it’s safe to assume that our well-loved Dong Bang Shin Ki member is actually an Ambivert. By definition, it is a combination of some extroverted qualities like the desire for public recognition for their work, while enjoying some alone time as relaxation.

Sure, many of you don’t want to be left alone but, great minds have to hear themselves sometimes.

“The voices inside my head is telling me to eat endlessly!”

14. The Voldemin Lord of Pron (or anything NC19)…

Throwback anyone?

But he was young back then. Maybe he’s a changed man, NOPE! HE’S GETTING WORSE!!!

“There’s more where it came from… CLICK THE GIF guys to see the whole post.”

Every guy does it. There was a study about guys who doesn’t watch porn but it was easier to find people who did. Anyways, a Konkuk University Science Journal concludes that watching porn can actually make you dumb. So, let’s say that Changmin’s rumored genius IQ of 150 points is true, then being the Lord of Pron may have drastically decreased his brain power.

“How ironic, he came from Konkuk University.”

For us, we should really lessen watching Chang-prons from now on.

“Why do we have to choose  between our intelligence and fulfillment!”

15. His epic fails

BEHOLD, the man who has a rumored 150 IQ points!


No one’s family jewels is safe from him either.

“Ain’t gonna have ki~iiiiids! Sorry Yunho-bias people.”
“You are here to hit some pins with a ball, not hit balls with pins!”

But, in my books, he is still a champion.

16. His love for baseball

Baseball is the only sport I’ve played my whole life. In the Philippines, not much is known about this sport, then came Voldemin, whose obsession with the game is synonymous with other’s love for football and basketball. He even plays some catch during his break.

“His pose is like an insult to my femininity” 

A tradition in Tokyo Dome says that everyone who visits it must catch a fly ball, since Tokyo Dome is one of the major baseball arenas in Japan. Every TVXQ concert, an autographed fly ball is thrown to BIGEASTS to observe that practice. Well, at least that’s what I think it is, but the gesture is brilliant.

“That’s not how you do it, Shim!”

The results of the major league affects his mood of the day. But we can’t blame him if he’s really passionate about it.

17. The extreme polarities of his physical strength

Yes, he is a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Changmin is athletic like the other guys…

His great hand strength has been the biggest fear of these guys too.


“You have toned biceps. USE THEM!”

Oh, yes… you don’t have to be Hercules all the time.

18. His extreme tolerance of spicy food

In “Explorers of the Human Body,” the group has demonstrated their high tolerance of spicy food. Aside from Jaejoong, he may be the second on the list. Even when they turned into a duo, the Japanese still challenges his ability to chug down incredible Scovilles.

19. The rarity of seeing a pop-star / matinee idol consume alcohol in public and how he is not afraid to say it.

“I don’t drink alcohol” — HAH! One of the BS that I hear from matinee idols who have to keep their images clean.

“Even Junsu drinks! Your argument is invalid!”

It is normal for adults to drink and we call it socialization. In my case, I drink alone. It’s like drinking some special tea. I mean, South Korea is like the drunkard capital of the world. So what better way to celebrate your 10th year in the industry? By having some shots of course!

(start at 2:44)
20. Him, downing some caffeine

Don’t you just fantasize of a handsome guy serving you some coffee? As a coffee-lover, yes, I do!

“The best Arabica drip in town, served to you by Shim Changmin everyday.”

That dark liquid of goodness streaming down his diamond-laced vocals. Oh yeah!

Wait, whut? O_O~

21. His views of life

As I said before, I appreciate honesty. I mean, we’ll all go there someday.

“YH’s reply is what I get when my peers ask me about my philosophy in life.”

I am brutally honest from time to time, but honesty can be misinterpreted as snarkyness or in this case, negativity.  In his past UFO replies, it may sound that he is being snarky, but I can sense a bit of honesty and logic in his words.

22. How his actions would resemble an anime character

I grew up watching anime and one of my favorite is Slam Dunk. My favorite characters were the two three-pointer shooting guards of Kainan and Shohoku.

Even his long hair days is similar, sans missing front teeth.

It’s no surprise that when I started to fangirl, my desire to watch anime has decreased. Now, I just watch a few for the art and story, not for unrealistic drawing of bishounens. I have KPop guys to do it for me. Plus, they kinda act like one.

“Add more dudes on the side and you can form a Power Rangers team here.”
23. The roles he play in various music videos, dramas, magazines, and movies

Every fangirl wants their Goo Jun Pyo, right? Well, honestly, I hate the story of BOF with passion because of reasons! I have nothing against the original manga artist or the actors who have played it in different version except the North American version. Maybe I’m just different. I like suspense thriller films that have tons of mindf*ck political and existential mysteries and growing up in anime made a weird mix of pop culture fantasies in my head.

Role Number 1: Han Dong Joo

As a kid, I have no idea what the three letter word that couples do in their honeymoon meant. The kid me is saying, when I get married, I’ll dress up like a princess and we’ll watch our favorite game / show together. UGH!!! In this scene, Han Dong Joo and Dal Ji gets married garbed in Prince and Princess-like wear, rushes to their rooms, just in time for the World Cup. Wait, what? So… that thinking is universal? Which figures, because Dong Joo and Dal Ji is portraying puppy love or a kid-like innocence of something big.

Role Number 2: Choi Tae Hyun


I was in South Korea for a vacation when this episode aired. Aaaaah!!!

Okay, okay, Ana, breath. HA~AAAAAH!

Moving on…

Choi Tae Hyun is a nuclear weapons and tactics expert of the government. In his first appearance, Agent Choi because it’s sexier if you put the word AGENT at the start of every name disarmed a C6(?) type plastic explosive connected to a thermal-sensitive trigger that could destroy a military bunker underground. I’ve watched several suspense thriller films and enjoyed every bit of blabbety  nonsense this Agent Choi is sayin’. The episode that I enjoyed the most was when Agent Choi is debriefing the staff of the Nuclear ploy that the North stored for them… because, you know, I read about nuclear energy and weapons in my spare time. O_O

Athena18-00044“You can disarm my bombs anytime soon Agent Choi.”

Role Number 3: Momo

After several series of his painful acting, his role in “Fly with the Gold” has landed him a Best Actor Award, I’m a fan of his, and I don’t know how that happened. But he has improved ten-fold from his last major drama project. Considering that the director keeps on flaming at him. THANK YOU MISTER DIRECTOR! If it weren’t for you, I would have totally given up on my bias’s endeavors in dramas and films.

Without leaking any spoilers, Momo is an ex-North Korean spy who have sought refuge in Japan, only to get hunted down by assassins. The protagonist has chosen the name Momo after a Japanese children’s folklore story in which the original Momotarou in the folklore is ubiquitous and yet his origins were unknown. This was my favorite role of his, which combines two of my favorite things: Changmin and Suspense Thriller.

In the movie, Momo was tasked to blow up the leading news station in downtown Osaka. Oh, I definitely saw what you did there Miss Author, or director, I don’t know, I haven’t read the novel yet! As to spread terror in the news station, he intimidates an employee.

“I am so~ooo taking my overtime now!”
Which spells “feels-exploding” to any Cassiopeia working for a news agency. Like me.

Role Number 4: The Photographer

Photography was one of our pre-requisite subjects in Fine Arts. The school administration reasons that artists should know how to take decent photos because we’ll never know when we’ll need it. Several years later, when shove comes to shove, or I volunteer, or clients don’t have an appropriate budget to HIRE a professional photographer, I… take over! Aside from comic illustration, my life in Fine Arts revolved around Photography and I may not be an official professional, I still love it like… it’s an extension of my illustrating.

“Capturing Chanyeol’s derp is 1000x more rewarding than drawing his chibi! Hehehe!”

But professional photographers don’t always share the same views with us artists. So, my encounter with them, especially fashion photographers doesn’t turn out pretty.

“Destroy my histogram, artist! I, dare, you!”

A shoot or coverage is nowhere near a “The Celebrity” photo-shoot, from asking permissions to suffering hours of severe dehydration, hunger, and muscle fatigue from squeezing through the crowd. Even if it’s just a picture, it’s a lot of comfort for me to stay fit and focused.

Role Number 5: Han Minwoo


As a Fine Arts alumni and a professional (pseudo-comic) artist… DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO?! Imagine if your ultimate bias would play the role which is your job or your current college course is? What kind of feels would you have. For example, you happen to be a big Kyungsoo fan and apparently you work as a part time supermarket employee, wouldn’t that make you appreciate your job more?

do-cart“Career Existentialism put aside.”

I haven’t forgotten his first ever role in Banjun Drama:

CM-banjun“Chant Mirotic’s chorus in front of your TVXQ merchs for the same creepy effect.”

I’m always afraid that he’ll find out my Changmin altar.

24. The big difference of Shim-past and Shim-present Remember this prank?

Now, I want you to return to 2014 and picture Changmin making this face to anyone whose trying to prank him.

“Nothing is sacred when he gives you that look.”

And how some grandmas molested / violated the kid.

Now, he’s just, uhhh~ I don’t know how to put this…

The violent Shim before…


…to a peaceful Shim today.


He is a changed man I tell you. *crosses fingers behind back*

25. His love affair with food…

If there is “Friendzoned” or in the case of Filipinos “Kuyazoned” (which is worse than friendzone) anybody who makes a move on him will end up…


When he was younger, he eats a lot like 7 meals a day and several creepy sasaeng accounts listed of what he eats on a daily basis. In MNet’s TAXI, it was revealed that Yunho is the one who eats astounding amounts of food, given that the dude dances a lot. But you don’t have to eat in big quantities to say how much you love food. Because as one of my mentors said, a person who loves food, loves to cook.

“For those who can understand Tagalog: IT’S. A. TRAP!”

Second to Jaejoong, I think he is one of Dong Bang’s best cook… he really know where to put those cookies!

Now that the Dong Bang under SME is a duo, Changmin still does all the cooking, but now they live separate condo units.

26. His neatness and nagging is of the same level as a woman’s

“Yes! Who does that?! It’s disgusting!”

If I had my own place, my unit would be as obsessively clean as his. Bu~uuut, given the high prices of property here in the Philippines for a common salary worker, I’d just imagine my ocd-kind of room.

Yes, I get you in that area my loves.

In a twisted alternate universe, Changmin would be the one wearing the skirt, a hot pink balloon skirt!


They say that the real measure of a man’s handsomeness is how he would look like if he dresses up like a girl.

“So much insecurity issues arising from this one.”

28. His wits and quick thinking

During Mirotic Seoul Tour talk, Changmin pointed out that his wits and quick thinking were due to his parent’s genes. Dictated by Asian culture, the other boys were not able to argue any further.

Wits can be mistaken for snarkyness, because in reality, he just knew what to say at the right time and at the right place…

…even if it seemed to be inappropriate or NC 19 material.

29. His quirks never fails to make me wonder – why am I even here?

At first, when I saw this picture, I thought to myself that nothing else would get worse than this…

“Earning money is harder than he thought.”

…but I was WRONG!


Hey! That would be the most brain melting costume of a pop star I would see him wear. And as if FATED, this greeted me “Happy Year of the HORSE!”

This should be a Gaki no Tsukai for Cassiopeias, the fangirl who laughs — will be punished!

“Imagine, Spice Guy is saying he’s riding a white horse, the camera pans to the side and you see Changmin in the other corner saying ‘I… am… a white horse!’ Oh god! My imagination is betraying me!”

30. His honesty

Even if it would cost him his job… he is still not afraid to say it — up to a certain extent. Of course, you can’t be 100% honest if everybody’s looking up to you and watching your every move. That’s why he strayed off Social Media sites.

31. His fidelity

paradiseranch-wedding“Cray-Cray Photoshop material. Hehehe~”

A man who could stay settled for years is an intelligent man, or has a good upbringing. In his interviews, he said that he latch on a relationship for years. It was never a one-time summer thing like “Superstar.”

While most guys have a taste for younger women (or girls), Shim Changmin admitted that he never had a girlfriend younger than him… even if you count the months. They are still older than the dude.

noona“Yes! Yes you may, dongsaeng. *wiggle eyebrows*”

32. And finally, how he drop quotable-quotes.



Sometimes fans forget that they have a life to live other than their bias. Even  if TVXQ is still thriving on our “crazy,” he still reminds us to put ourselves first, before them.


There are several reasons why we choose our ultimate bias, it can be based from our idea of the illusive Mr. Right or we just see a little of ourselves in them.

We may not know our idol personally or we wouldn’t know if it’s all for a show, but at least there is a bit of humanity that is trickled onto the media. Not just a perfectly manufactured product that we usually buy at the shelves.

As I type… I just realized… is Changmin a Korean male version of me, sans height? O_O~

“Oh crap! She’s that deep bat-sh*t crazy already!”


The photos and videos used in this post are compiled from different TVXQ Facebook fanpages, websites and Tumblr accounts. Some of them were re-posted in several portals. I didn’t remove many of the watermarks or in case of the GIFs, I’ve placed their original Tumblr account on their hyperlinks whenever I can. I re-uploaded some of those in my own image hosting account for posterity, to keep this post intact just in case the owners of the websites decide to delete it.

It took me several days to complete this entry because I have to jog my memory for the links and I only have three to four hours a day to do this (including some Photoshop edits to make a meme). If you just skimmed your way through, please take time to click on the links, not because I am advertising them, but you may learn a thing or two. I also closed all my SNS tabs and even listened to pink noise so I can remember some of the sources better.

If you are planning to pull out my “words” from this blog, please don’t just simply copy-paste it on your website, because that’s just lazy and it won’t give you much brain practice if you aim to be a journalist or writer in the future. Link back to this post guys. The images, I don’t mind, they are not mine either.

THAT “SOMETHING”: Cassiopeias all grown up

What did we expect on TVXQ’s 10th year anniversary comeback? A sappy love song? Or perhaps a new strong beat pair with a trademark dance? The 10th year anniversary title single for me is just as important as their first comeback from the two-year hiatus in 2011.

Then came the release date, the boys continued to pull my strings once again.

Hehe. Get it? Pulling my string?

This time, they are The Rat Pack (okay, maybe a duo Rat Pack!)  In that cool, suave 1960’s beat.

I am not a fan of jazz but having Yoko Kanno’s arrangement for Cowboy Bebop and Tokyo Jihen populating my second gen ipod shuffle, I had an interest with those kinds of tunes. I never thought that jazz and pop don’t mix, but “Something” has pulled it of.


As a group that has been working in the industry for ten year, that would be the perfect opportunity to experiment and explore other ways of “re-inventing” mainstream pop. KYHD had that “Inception” drums going on, and Catch Me has shown Lee Soo Man’s producers are at the peak of their Skrillex episode. In these cases I would like to offer their producers a nice “at least you tried” cake in all their efforts to re-brand TVXQ as a duo.

at-least-you-triedAt least they did.

In those two albums, I felt that something was missing? Could it be that I became a fan by listening to DB5K? In their second album as a duo, the mould for two is starting to form and by the time they get to their third, it was complete.

The title track “Something” is another experimentation of the group, but in my books, this experiment is now a success.

I like it how this track drops the bass NOT the Skrillex way, but rather how the Rat Pack would have strum it. Compared to their last releases, the arrangement is consistent and cohesive. No sudden unrelated dubstep mix, no random drums and screams that makes we want to throw a table if I’m wearing headphones.

Let me be clear that I like Changmin’s screaming if used properly

The trumpets makes me want to snap my fingers and dance the swing… but if I do that in the real world… the jazz would stop.

jaejoongsummerdreamAnd then brass instruments would come flying at me.

Another thing is that they have really incorporated the jazz tunes unlike what happened to SJ’s Mr. Simple that the smooth, sexy tunes just ended up as a tease only.


After ten years,  most Cassiopeias would be in their early to mid-twenties (just like me.) One’s lyrics may also reflect of what kind of fangirls they do have. And I don’t think women of my age would go for that puppy love theme songs and shallow “I love you’s” in autotune. We want depth, we want content, and mostly, we want lyrics that relates to our style.

The chorus lyrics goes as:

“She got that something

You’re not enough for me, stop baby

You may look haughty, but I can see you staring at me

You’re going to have to do better than that

She got that something

If you hesitate, I’ll cry baby

If you smoothly approach me without getting caught

I might just turn a blind eye and play along” — (from kashigasa.com)

Modern women are not kept in their houses, we earn degrees, work and have hobbies now (and this is my hobby, sadly T_T) , unlike the time period that this video is set to. Men’s preference have changed as we changed, and the ideal woman for them would be the kind of girl that doesn’t put herself out there or… gold diggers.

The lyrics are somehow giving tips on how to snag a prince. Remember Prince William and Kate’s love story? Although she may be the most beautiful girl in the room who wanted to be the Queen of England someday, she didn’t come and get the Prince like other girls did, she played it cool until the Prince came to her on one bended knee. I like how the Dutchess of Cambridge did it than those girls in Korean dramas – ever so helpless and waiting for their prince to come. Or worse, seduce the prince in tacky ways like bearing some skin.

“She got that something She got that something

She’s just a beautiful (hey hey hey)

Just a beautiful (hey hey hey)”

There have been jokes and happenings circling the internet for a long time now, about the story of a JP Morgan banker (which was fake) and the Kim Possible girl, where they fish the sea hoping to get a BIG catch. They’ve used their youth and beauty as baits but the big fishes didn’t bite because, even if the bait looks delectable, they needed something more.

As Prince Charmings see most damsels not in distress anymore, their rescuing skills are no longer needed. Now that we can bring something to the table, our prince wanted us to take our own contribution, not just their own bacon.

tumblr_m3jj1j29191qbsxzbMmmmm… BACON.

Sure, it may sound cocky at first, but I think that’s what the lyrics are trying to say. Unfortunately, this is Asia, the Independent Woman type is a western idea, therefore in real life, that won’t do.


Let us be clear that I am a Cassiopeia and I’ve seen more good points than the bad ones. Ayt!

something-lastframeOther than what seemingly looks like the Cassiopeia formation in the last frame.

The MV is just produced to show how awesome the choreography is and how awesome they look in Rat Pack garb.

In other news, they’ve used not just one lead model, but many, many girls. Unlike a traditional KPop MV that uses a single model all throughout. Which oftentimes creeps me out.

exowolfdramaThis looks like 11 wolves (or probably rapists) ready to pounce.

Seeing my bias in a harem is more titillating on video than a bunch of dudes orbiting around a girl. Because for me, that just exudes charisma although it may look misogynists. But…


Changmin’s hairstyle should have been switched into the James Dean style in the harem scenes to make him look like a high-rolling Maverick, but instead, he looked like a college boy out for a night of debauchery using his parents’ money! O_O

cm-haremLook at that young bastard squandering his inheritance on foreign women!

I have nothing on Yunho’s styling since it really suits him.

What I do not like about the styling was the Tatoos! The only people that I could think of wearing formal suits with tats peeking their necks and hands are the Yakuzas. The tats ruined the classy.

something-tatsWill somebody please scrub those things out! Okay. No volunteers? I’ll do it.

I do not expect much in pop videos since they are just thrown in there for pure entertainment only but if I compared it with IU’s “The Red Shoes” which uses the same 1960’s treatment. IU’s MV did better in terms of story line and consistency.

Like… HOW? — If you got other conspiracy theories, I’m sure those are creepy.



From little Hangul I could understand and if I am correct, they call it – Line Dance. The dancers use ropes to turn it into different props such as a mic stand, a whip or a string to control a puppet. The puppet thing reminds me of NSync’s Bye, Bye, Bye.

Here in the Philippines, several dance cover contests are held almost everywhere. What I don’t see is a cover group doing TVXQ’s dance not unless the dance cover contest requires them to do it. Even though “Catch Me” is an awesome dance cover material. If dance covers would like to challenge their skill as dancers, they should try this, instead of just going for famous dance moves by younger idol groups only. I do not have anything on younger idols, in fact I like EXO I just think it’s kinda boring to see the same dance being performed by different cover groups.

THE LINE DANCE,  as I call it, requires more than just energy, it needs coordination with other dancers. If any dance cover group in our KPop conventions would pull it off, this may not be a winning piece but this would gain them the respect of the judges.

Try not hitting the judges while doing this! #bannedtoperformforever

I may not be a fan from the beginning but I do know that my bias debuted when he was still 15 years old (international age), now he is 25 turning 26 next month. By then, he has matured a lot. Not only him, but the other members as well. They are kings now, not princes. So are we. Cassiopeias are not little princesses anymore, but we are now queens. Our fanclub is named after a goddess and before our throne in the sky tumbles again, at least our kings gave us a treat that we can hold on until they come back again.