I Started Crafting!


I am not a good webmaster, like, EVER!

I usually abandon my blog almost every time, and there is a perfect reason why? You see, as you get older, you get more responsibilities. Responsibilities is equals to less time for other stuff… like blogging and drawing crummy comics.  Another thing is that, one of the consequences of aging is you have lesser energy to do more stuff. Let’s say, when you were 18 you can do all your homework, be the class president, organize events at your school and save the pigeons from extinction… ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME!!!

When I started this website, I was 23. I can do several posts in one day and at the same time travel in other countries and photograph KPop stars as they arrive in my country. Four years later, the number of tasks I can crunch in one day has significantly dropped from 1,000,000,000 to just 1/2 per day.

“I used to have six arms, but now I am only left with two.”

Besides, I just became an animator for cartoons — which is a very high stress job! Much more stressful and strenuous than when I was still photographing and developing content for a local news website.

In lieu of that, I always wanted to do some sidelines creating stuff. In the hopes that someday, it will supplement me in the long run. I mean, come on! We gotta admit that we are getting older each day and as Shinhwa Life Insurance reminds us: “Life is long but careers are short!”

“I am in that stage of life wherein all I can think of is how I can sustain myself until I reach 105 years old.”

I want to start relatively small. Someday, hoping it will lead to something bigger.

Soooo… I did some impulse buying of the following:

1. A second-hand local button press

“My grandma’s kitchen. Whadya gonna do?”

2. Brand new PVC circular cutter

“I don’t have enough money yet for a workshop, nor a proper online store.”

3. Tons and tons of raw materials… YES! LIKE A THOUSAND OF THOSE!

Although they may be relatively cheap, it still cost money!


You see, I’m still practicing in perfecting this art. Some may not be too perfect, so I am disposing them in such a low, low, price so I can get at least a fraction of my money back. I want to expand my ventures to conventions, Sunday markets, or even international markets.

Every week, I will be printing and producing random KStuff on my page and everything will continue from there. Unfortunately, I can only cater to Philippines since I don’t have the facility nor the capability to ship internationally.



Who knows, maybe this might grow something much, much bigger.

“And this press is the beginning of everything!”

P.S.: If making buttons and key chains are too expensive or tedious in your area, let me see if I can assist you with that even internationally. However, I don’t accept rush jobs since I only work on my hobbies during the weekends only.

DIY: KARAOKESHINKI – The Ultimate TVXQ / JYJ Karaoke Codes Source!


In every training or demo I go, the instructor’s fandom is too dang high whether they are teaching the basics of visual arts or coding. Last week, I was able to attend the “School of Data Philippines” at the World Bank Office in Bonifacio Global City. I’ve noticed that the instructor was a big fan of football and he used football data in some of his database examples. I want to practice and experiment on databases and such, but… I can’t just pull any random data out of nowhere! Then an idea came… what if I experiment on my Cassiopeia cray-crayness like the instructor?


But what?

Then a lightbulb!

You see, I love karaoke… I love karaoke so much that I’m willing to spend money to sing like a forever alone fool in amusement centers. But most song books only has English songs. In order for you to sing a Korean or a Japanese song, you must know the code yourself, and even if you know the code, it doesn’t guarantee that the song is present in the machine. It’s basically a trial and error thing with Kumyoung machines here.

I don’t know what’s up with my brain but my memory can be compared to Dory the fish!

Dory-squishy“Whut?! I don’t remember this squishy?”

If I  found a Kumyoung machine that has TVXQ songs, I… suddenly forget the piece of paper with the codes and lyrics on.

With that in mind, I have developed a searchable database called… drum roll please…

OH YEAH!!! With that glorious Chun-face pasted on it!!!

Here’s how you use Karaokeshinki:

I’ll show you screenshots taken from my Toshiba Thrive tablet, since the goal of this database is to make it mobile-friendly.

Karaokeshinki site looks like this on a tablet.



Parts of the table are as follows:

TIMESTAMP – Time and date when the code was added

CODE – The number you enter in the machine.

ENGLISH / ASIAN TITLE – The title of the song.

YEAR OF RELEASE – The year that the song was released.

MACHINE TYPE – Which brand of machine the code works (e.g. Kumyoung, Ziller).

SONG LINK – In case you forgot or unfamiliar with the song, you can copy-paste the video link to hear the song.

Just type on the SEARCH BOX on the right side of the screen the title of the song and it will show you the codes of the song.


It’s that easy… as long as you have a sturdy wi-fi or mobile connection.

But what if you wanna sing Shim’s revival of Rusty Nail?

Of course, the original song is sung by X Japan and it isn’t added here, but Chani Mini’s song of “Dream” is on the list.

karaokeshinki-03“Scumbag autocorrect is forcing me to enter RUSTY SNAIL or RUSTY MAIL!”

You happen to have the code and you want to add the code in the database, how can you contribute? There’s a link that says “HELP BUILD THIS DATABASE BY CONTRIBUTING YOUR NORAEBANG CODES TOO IN THIS FORM.” It will forward you to this Google form I made that is linked to the Karaokeshinki database.


Once you submit the code, a confirmation message from Google will appear.


Google forms will now automatically update our beautiful database.


“Don’t let the wallpaper ruin your view of our beautiful database.”

Go back to Karaokeshinki and refresh the whole thing, and VOILA, the new code is already there!




SPECIAL THANKS TO: Cassiopeia Philippines and Tintin Jung for publishing this beautiful list of Kumyoung and Ziller codes which I stole MUWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

FOR EASIER BOOKMARKING, JUST TYPE OR REMEMBER: http://karaokeshinki.theanabanana.com


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DIY: KISSING TVXQ! – Missha Limited Edition Kiss Lip balm


It’s Women’s month all over the world and here in the Philippines it means sale for fashion and beauty products!


During Women’s Month is when I take advantage of those uber-expensive make-up products that I am not ready to splurge on for the sake of beauty, which I rather spend that money on food and TVXQ merchandises.

In KPopverse, TVXQ is considered as one of the top artists and sunbaes of the industry having just celebrated their 10th year anniversary last December 26, 2013, yes I know, I may not remember your birthdates but I’m really good in history! Fit to their image and aging fanbase  the band was chosen to endorse Missha, which in my opinion has a classier or more high-end feel than those of it’s KPop endorsed counterparts such as Nature Republic and Tony Moly.

Which makes their prices, MORE EXPENSIVE! Buwaaaahahahahaaa!!!

I only discovered Missha when TVXQ endorsed it back in 2011, at that time, I was having a dilemma with most BB cremes, because I always ended up like a floating geisha head. Even if most Korean products are really good in holding up to the test of humidity and heat, finding the perfect shade for my sun-kissed skin requires a lot of on-location research. I was surprised to see a dark shade BB Creme by just pointing at his standee.

Changmin snail cream standee missha“No offense dude.”

But my BB Creme story is reserved for a separate post.

As a certified cray-cray Cassiopeia, I have already bought the ‘L’EAU DE MISSHA which burnt a whole in my concert funds, and I really like the… well, I would like to call the SCENT OF CHANGMIN ‘cos it has his name on the bottle. It has a sweeter scent compared to Yunho’s, which I think is more suitable for a temperate country.

anabanana eating snow“LIKE SOUTH KOREA!!!”

Okay, back to the pricey lip balms!

So earlier, I went to visit Missha at SM North EDSA to check out how much discount I could get for the Missha TVXQ Kiss Lipbalm. Since I already have the TVXQ tumbler, photobook, calendar, and paperbag, I opted for the posters.

misshatvxqlipbalm-wholepackage“I love you guys so much that I am willing to make you richer!”

The envelope where the posters are has a film emboss which is tasteful for an older fandom, it has this royalty feel on it, yet minimalistic.

Goodies are encased in a so-not-totally-kpop box. I can’t help but have thoughts in my mind of how this box was printed since part of my job before was to check the quality of print products in a printing press.

misshatvxqlipbalm-openbox“C2S vellum board, heavy gsm, glossy, satin finish, 5th ink emboss gold, semi-film emboss on the photo, and glossy cold lamination on the sides. — only QC’s will understand, terminologies varies from print shop to another.”

The whole set comes in two tubs. And for a lipbalm, they sure are BIG TUBS!


U-Know Kiss is strawberry scented, while the Max Kiss is Citrus… well that’s what the PR says, but from tasting it… take note, TASTING IT, Max Kiss is a mix of Pomelo and Pink Lemonade. I am a big fan of strawberry scent, and somehow I wished that the strawberry scent was designated to Changmin instead.

Changmin-StrawberryHead“Redundant? Ah, okay.”

But knowing Yunho’s obsession with strawberries, I think Changmin would not put up a fight in deciding what his lip balm flavor during their brainstorming.

At first, when I opened the tubs, the scent was too strong. As Filipinos would describe it, “may amoy altar” which roughly translates to tabernacle-ly or incense-like scent. But once I dabbed it on my lips, it was like Fruit-tella, I can’t stop chewing on it.

Which… I dunno if it’s a good thing or a bad thing since I have a habit of lip-bitting.

I have to use several lip balms to ease the bleeding of my lips or just to have a little protection from my incisors.

changmin-swollenlips“I have to show myself this picture from time to time, just to prevent treating my lips like gummy bears.”

I am not a fan of anything citrus, but after applying the Max Kiss and drinking some Snapple, Oh dear! It was a delicious trip to citrus land!

All-Natural-Snapple-Kiwi-Strawberry-Juice-Drink-Flavor“Citrus La~aaaaand!” — drinkwhat.com

The Missha TVXQ kiss has lots of moisture which is best suitable for those who have dry to very dry lips like mine. But make sure that it doesn’t overflow to your skin, ‘cos it’s really oily. I have to pat it with my clean fingers around the corners. The good thing about these lip balms is that a little goes a long way. You don’t have to scrape a lot of it just to cover the whole surface.

Since it is a Missha special edition and it has several TVXQ attachments, the posters and everything, I can understand it’s pricey-ness. The original price was P1,700 ($37.50), with discount, I only got it for P1,450 ($32). For those who live in a country with a higher currency, $3 may not mean much, but in the Philippines, $3 can buy you a Mc Donald’s Cheeseburger meal with fries and drinks.

Judging the size of the tubs and the amount you have to use, the TVXQ Kiss Lipbalm will last a very long time, even if I have to use it frequently… when I feel like my lips are some kind of a Korean dried squid.

It almost have the same consistency as my Max Factor lip gloss, which I have substituted for a lip balm when I finally finished my last one. But I hated using this Max Factor lip thing ‘cos it really tastes like wax. Ugh!

misshatvxqlipbalm-maxkissvsmaxfactor“MAX Factor over MAX’s Kiss with MAX’s photo on the box, ooooh that’s a lot of MAX! Let’s take this thing to the MAX and MAX it up further.”

With so many Cassiopeias and BIGEASTs all over the world, I haven’t seen a single description or review on this. It is either they can’t use it because it has the boys’ faces on it, or because they are paralyzed to touch the product because of it’s price. Well, here’s the bad news… cosmetics, they do rot and if you don’t use them, they will just melt in your cabinet or worse, the perfume used in this product will turn into rubbing alcohol… which is more regretful than buying an expensive piece of merchandise and not using it for the sake of posterity.

If there’s one thing that I’ll lock into my vault is these babies!


I AIN’T HANGING THEM ON MY WALL, ‘cos UV rays fade away ink!


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