I Started Crafting!


I am not a good webmaster, like, EVER!

I usually abandon my blog almost every time, and there is a perfect reason why? You see, as you get older, you get more responsibilities. Responsibilities is equals to less time for other stuff… like blogging and drawing crummy comics.  Another thing is that, one of the consequences of aging is you have lesser energy to do more stuff. Let’s say, when you were 18 you can do all your homework, be the class president, organize events at your school and save the pigeons from extinction… ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME!!!

When I started this website, I was 23. I can do several posts in one day and at the same time travel in other countries and photograph KPop stars as they arrive in my country. Four years later, the number of tasks I can crunch in one day has significantly dropped from 1,000,000,000 to just 1/2 per day.

“I used to have six arms, but now I am only left with two.”

Besides, I just became an animator for cartoons — which is a very high stress job! Much more stressful and strenuous than when I was still photographing and developing content for a local news website.

In lieu of that, I always wanted to do some sidelines creating stuff. In the hopes that someday, it will supplement me in the long run. I mean, come on! We gotta admit that we are getting older each day and as Shinhwa Life Insurance reminds us: “Life is long but careers are short!”

“I am in that stage of life wherein all I can think of is how I can sustain myself until I reach 105 years old.”

I want to start relatively small. Someday, hoping it will lead to something bigger.

Soooo… I did some impulse buying of the following:

1. A second-hand local button press

“My grandma’s kitchen. Whadya gonna do?”

2. Brand new PVC circular cutter

“I don’t have enough money yet for a workshop, nor a proper online store.”

3. Tons and tons of raw materials… YES! LIKE A THOUSAND OF THOSE!

Although they may be relatively cheap, it still cost money!


You see, I’m still practicing in perfecting this art. Some may not be too perfect, so I am disposing them in such a low, low, price so I can get at least a fraction of my money back. I want to expand my ventures to conventions, Sunday markets, or even international markets.

Every week, I will be printing and producing random KStuff on my page and everything will continue from there. Unfortunately, I can only cater to Philippines since I don’t have the facility nor the capability to ship internationally.



Who knows, maybe this might grow something much, much bigger.

“And this press is the beginning of everything!”

P.S.: If making buttons and key chains are too expensive or tedious in your area, let me see if I can assist you with that even internationally. However, I don’t accept rush jobs since I only work on my hobbies during the weekends only.

First Quiz Night at CALI Burger Timog


I’ve been a fan of quiz shows since forever.

CM-GOV04“The most feels I had since I started ogling over this dude!”

Even during my student days, I would join quiz bees, because I feel like it! Unfortunately, due to my stage fright, I never won one.  During the 90’s, a local show called “Battle of the Brains” was part of my childhood afternoon — if I remembered it correctly.

 When most children dream to be singers and actors, I dream to be able to join such contest… because, yeah! I was nerdy like that.

bully425“The other kids made sure to complete my experience.” (dailymash.co.uk)

However, when I was old enough to join, the show was cancelled and my interest waned with it.

G018tFt“My attention was diverted into other things, clearly depicted by everything in this picture!”

It was when I stepped into the workforce that quizzes appealed to me again.

CM-GOV04“And the fandom just stroked the fire further.”

Although I don’t have the same knack for studying as I was when I was a student, or a Walking Wikipedia of sorts, I still like these activities, but winning is just another thing.

When Cali Burger Timog started it’s first Quiz Night, for the sake of curiosity, I joined my officemates for my first quiz night. Our team was called “One-Liners,” only two were experts on these and the rest of us are newbies.


My first impression was — would the questions be highly academic? It turns out that the questions were general knowledge and pop culture. Ranging from old Manila street names to Robin Williams’ works.

 WP_20140820_21_49_34_Pro“And they threw some Korea-related stuff. Hehehe~”

However, I’ve learned that if you really want to win these quiz bonanzas, gather players that have at least more than three topics that they are really good at. In my case, I am very knowledgeable with Korean stuff and Adventure Time.

Tumblr-adventure-time-hd-wallpaper“Even fan theories, OH BOY!!!”

Just like the movie Slumdog Millionaire, if the questions are right, the night is yours.

My takeaway on this experience is that I like learning new things than answering questions. I wasn’t much help on most stuff, but hey! At least I knew who’s that lizard from the movie “Tangled.”

pascal_1900x1200“Pascal — NO! I haven’t seen the movie.”

We didn’t do that bad either.



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For most earthlings, summer is the season of vacation, fun-fun-fun in the beach, overly-saturated colors and everything attached to it.


Alas! I live in a tropical country where summer is just a marketing term and almost 365 days of the year is just heat, even in the monsoon. The tropics only have Dry Season as opposed to temperate countries which really has four seasons to enjoy. During March to May, temperatures here can climb up to 40 degrees Celsius. If winter claim victims through hypothermia, the frying heat claim lives through heat stroke and dehydration. That’s why the usual 2-liters a day rule can turn into 3 liters depending on your activity or if you go out often.

Too much heat drains my soul dry and let me cite the reasons:

1. The extreme heat drains my energy


Normally I would drink approximately 2 liters a day, but even if I don’t do much that day, my water consumption reaches to 3 liters. It’s like an equivalent of how much water I take when I do heavy training. If I were to do anything significant, I should prepare myself for several crashes, much like how finishing this entry is such a struggle doing this in a 33-degree Celsius room. If most people can’t get up because of the cold, I however can’t pick up myself out of bed… even if the mattress is frying my skin.

2. My skin is at its worst!


Just when the earlier cool of February blesses my skin with flawlessness, in the coming weeks my pores will be curse with rashes-like whiteheads and excruciatingly painful acne! Oh god! Just, kill me now… and wake me up when September ends. No, seriously, it starts to cool down after September.

3. Summer is my sick season


Unlike winter countries, when the outside temperature resembles an ice cream storage  fridge, getting inside offers comfort and eventually melts all your frozen bits. But unlike in the tropics, air-conditioners needed freons and they work overtime to cool down the whole building as opposed to fireplaces or ondols in South Korea. Resulting in an unnatural or temperature shock the body experiences once inside the building. Plus the sweat acts as a conductor, thus exacerbating cold. Then the cycle continues once you step out of the structure. The result is a bad flu that happens even if it’s not flu season.

4. It makes commuting more difficult


Filipinos get a bad reputation or a stereotype that we bathe too much. There are some historical theories that can be tied to it, but for the sake of our fellow countrymen, we do shower! If food easily turns rancid within a few hours of not refrigerating it, imagine people sweating profusely in intense heat! Our genetics in general do not resemble those in East Asia, so bathing and deodorizing is a necessity. Unlike in more developed or systematic countries, in order for you to get a ride on a bus or a jeepney is by tagging them in any place of the road. But the problem starts when it’s rush hour, when everybody is fighting for a ride. Miss the last jeepney then you have to wait again under the sun. Plus, civil engineers don’t really design good infrastructures for pedestrians, turning a simple 20 second-cross to the other side into a minute of uphill despair and existential soliloquy.

manilaoverpass“Why am I here?”

5. National Problems

Aside from my personal problems, dry season lowers the water level in major dams and irrigation stations. When we get that, water disruptions and lower production of crops ensues. Not to mention the deaths from dehydration and heat stroke. So organizing some sort of summer olympics here would just result to a Death March like scenario.

6. The heat causes fluctuation of my mood


I don’t know if it is the same with Christmas depression or IT’S JUST THE F*CKIN’ HEAT REDUCING MY HORMONES INTO SWEAT! But I have several theories. Maybe a mixture of everything I hate about the season?


No matter how many summer singles by Tohoshinki encouraging everyone to get out there and have some fun.

Sorry guys.

And if somebody tells me to go to the beach, the answer is NO. Even if the Philippines has a lot of beautiful beaches, I am not the sort of person who enjoys that kind of thing. Besides, I can’t swim.


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PHL ELECTION TIME!: My Bestfriend is a Fangirl No.5 DELAY

If you are reading this post, then that means it’s already Election Week in the Philippines. Our election is not the same with other countries. One does not simply take a break from work and go to their nearest precinct to vote for less than 10 minutes. Here, voters line-up at their precincts from 8AM until everybody finishes voting in the afternoon (if they are lucky enough). But in some areas, election is violent.

Then what’s the relevance of this comic to the Elections? Well, you see… Election Time means I have to do…

AT WORK! Oh yes! It’s the time of the year again. The last Presidential Elections required us to work 2 days straight! I’m not complaining though, because monitoring election results is like watching a live scoreboard. Hehehe! Sooo… my schedule will be booked for the entire week and that means NO COMICS DRAWING TIME FOR ME.

For the meantime, enjoy some of my works on how to vote and stuff. Some of them were produced in 2010. Graphic style back then was different.

1. JOURNEY OF A VOTE (The process of the 1st ever automated election in the Philippines)


And a guide to everything you need to know this Elections made by my colleagues.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to vote because when the Commission on Elections started the voter’s registration years ago I wasn’t able to register because I was thinking I won’t be able to vote that day. BUT! COMELEC introduced Absentee Voting for media personnel… I was like…

Most KPop fans are young people. They’ll say, politics does not involve them… but I want to think that these politicians rule our country. Every law they pass will affect us.

Still don’t care about your country’s election?

How about now? Even your oppa votes.

After Schooling? What’s next?

No kid wants to stay in school very long. From your tight-lipped Mathematics teacher to your academic-strict parents, you almost feel as if everybody is against you. I love studying stuff, but I wanted to get out of school immediately because in my young age, I always thought that paying for education is a burden. You pay so much just to get that job you dream of. My tuition fee was not that expensive since I am enrolled in a laboratory high school where everything is paid in half.

Our younger versions would always look up to adults who are fully dressed in polo-barongs or blazers with pencil cut mini-skirt, thinking that if we reach the age of 20’s we will suddenly become mature and we will have the money to buy a house, a car, or lots of candy!

Swamibu / Free Photos

(Lots and lots of candy!!!)

But… I finally graduated college and turned 20, there’s no Disney style ceremony wherein your secret fairy godparents would sprinkle magic dust on you, but I just got there. I’m twenty, but I still feel like I’m 15. What I thought was instant wisdom given to adults was not instantly handed down to me. What’s worse is that, I’m suddenly an adult and every Human Resources officer is asking me to apply for a police clearance. That realization almost made me shed tears, but I didn’t… my kid perception of adulthood is still there… “If you’re 20, it’s stupid to cry out loud in public.

What I thought was cool, like paying bills and subscribing a mobile phone service was just a norm and necessity to adults. Before, our every need is being satisfied by our parents, but now you got to chip in with the responsibility, and every small action is followed by an epic consequence.

Jason L. Parks / Free Photos

Pulling the lever at 8… LEGENDARY! Puling the lever at 20… RETARD!

Every single kid will become an adult someday, so here’s what I’ve learned so far:



AJC1 / Free Photos

– Grades seem to decide everything in your life, from your future college to getting that gift you wanted for your birthday. We do everything just to be top of the class and eventually our priority goes down to just don’t fail. Here’s good news to those who keep on repeating a grade… when you manage to graduate… NOBODY CARES! What people would look for you is your wit, potential and communication skills. Besides, you develop a certain skill that will keep your head above the water — and that is, thinking plan b.

For over-achievers,  take it easy… be a kid sometimes. Because there are statistics showing that over-achievers are more likely to kill themselves if their grades dipped by one point. (suicide article) When your youth is gone, you might regret being too uptight.



t. magnum / Free Photos

– Remember those Nickelodeon cartoons that says that your permanent record is a myth. True! I tried so hard not to have anything in my permanent record, but once I applied for a job, they just asked for my transcript of records. What they did however was call my school to confirm is I finished my course in that institution and what kind of student I am. The permanent record they are saying turns out to what was your reputation or… how your professor views you. So, you better polish that apple a little extra. But don’t screw this up big time, because if you did something really big (you know, in a bad way…) your future employers will discover this and will slim down the chances of you getting hired (or even starting a career in that field.)

– Also, there’s this concept of second chance and starting fresh… you can use these if things go awry.



soompi.com / TVXQ Images

– Your future boss / colleague might be that kid who stays quiet in your classroom, or… that nerd who gets stuck inside a locker, or that creepy weirdo kid who believed in aliens, but in my experience… they might not be more skilled than you, but they have the intelligence / power? / craziness to be more obsessive in what you both do. He or she might turn out to be cooler than you or more successful. I’m not saying all of them would be like that, but a good percentage are. How? They get the work done better or faster or given their oddity, they can even innovate. Now, you don’t want to “fit-in,” you want to stand-out.



duane.schoon / Free Photos

Okay, not all of us are like that, but when you get older… you are the one who organize that family reunion, books that restaurant or worse… YOU ARE THE ONE NOW WHO BUYS THE PRESENTS.

GMA News / gmanetwork.com/news

Yes kids… Santa Claus does not exist!

They say Christmas… or in this post’s case… holidays are for kids only. You now get stressed on lining up at shopping centers buying presents, scrimping every penny you have, so you can give your niece / child that dream toy they always wanted, or if your social life is dry… you are not immune to the epic road traffic brought by the onslaught of mass migration and holiday rush.

getrealphilippines.com / Manila Traffic

When you get older, you are more conscious of how you spend your time, and when holiday season comes, you will want the time to stop, because somehow… you wanted more time to do stuff… and YOU ARE AGING EACH SECOND.

Especially when you see the fireworks in the sky.

久留米市民(Kurume-Shimin) / Free Photos


Having said that…

It’s like yesterday I am just 18, but just like magic… I am now a quarter of a century old. Yes, just today! Younger KPop fans look at me the same way I did when I was their age, but let me tell you this… I always feel that I’m still 18 years old, and also my parents. Except that I can drink alcohol and curfew hours are not applicable.

AGE GRACEFULLY… but I haven’t figured that one out.

My Emoti-cups

When at work, I’m a coffee junkie. Washing mugs is not my thing, so I buy those little white cups from the supermarket. Now given a handy  marker, you know what happens next.