First Quiz Night at CALI Burger Timog


I’ve been a fan of quiz shows since forever.

CM-GOV04“The most feels I had since I started ogling over this dude!”

Even during my student days, I would join quiz bees, because I feel like it! Unfortunately, due to my stage fright, I never won one.  During the 90’s, a local show called “Battle of the Brains” was part of my childhood afternoon — if I remembered it correctly.

 When most children dream to be singers and actors, I dream to be able to join such contest… because, yeah! I was nerdy like that.

bully425“The other kids made sure to complete my experience.” (

However, when I was old enough to join, the show was cancelled and my interest waned with it.

G018tFt“My attention was diverted into other things, clearly depicted by everything in this picture!”

It was when I stepped into the workforce that quizzes appealed to me again.

CM-GOV04“And the fandom just stroked the fire further.”

Although I don’t have the same knack for studying as I was when I was a student, or a Walking Wikipedia of sorts, I still like these activities, but winning is just another thing.

When Cali Burger Timog started it’s first Quiz Night, for the sake of curiosity, I joined my officemates for my first quiz night. Our team was called “One-Liners,” only two were experts on these and the rest of us are newbies.


My first impression was — would the questions be highly academic? It turns out that the questions were general knowledge and pop culture. Ranging from old Manila street names to Robin Williams’ works.

 WP_20140820_21_49_34_Pro“And they threw some Korea-related stuff. Hehehe~”

However, I’ve learned that if you really want to win these quiz bonanzas, gather players that have at least more than three topics that they are really good at. In my case, I am very knowledgeable with Korean stuff and Adventure Time.

Tumblr-adventure-time-hd-wallpaper“Even fan theories, OH BOY!!!”

Just like the movie Slumdog Millionaire, if the questions are right, the night is yours.

My takeaway on this experience is that I like learning new things than answering questions. I wasn’t much help on most stuff, but hey! At least I knew who’s that lizard from the movie “Tangled.”

pascal_1900x1200“Pascal — NO! I haven’t seen the movie.”

We didn’t do that bad either.



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My Bestfriend is a Fangirl – No.18: 8 HOURS, Part 1

Dahil bonggang-bongga mag-organize ang mga fans ng mga fan gatherings, ang ika-labinwalong kabanata ng My Best friend is a fangirl ay tungkol rito. At saka naman bakit ka mag-i-isang pupunta sa mga bonggang-bonggang party na ito, siyempre kailangang isama ang ibang friends! Hehehe~


DISCLAIMER: The events on this comic is 99% Fiction, 1% Reality and 200% Exaggeration!


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DON’T FORGET BEFORE U GO: The Cassiopeia Philippines’s 11G

I’m sorry if I always reiterate my age compared to other fangirls. Relatively, an 87-liner is a bit old compared to other fangirls that are mostly in their teens. If the KPop group is still young (in terms of debut years), then worries of their “oppas” going to the military is the least of their problems. As years creep in, the worry of a two-year hiatus becomes imminent, when we are so used to waiting on SNS for our idol’s latest news in a span of a few weeks? Now you start to ask the question.

“What would you do in 730 days without your bias?”

Time is relative when you are having fun. It’s been five years since my first taste of TVXQ, and yet it felt like it all happened a few weeks ago. I could still feel my 23-year old self even though my current age is the stuff of adult literature — dreaming of grandeur and going for thrills like life is a big poker game.

SuriSuri04“Did somebody say, POKER?”

But I chose the path in which women of my age has outgrown. If there’s one relief that fate has offered me, it’s their ages are close to mine.

changmin tvxq ajusshi“Darn it!”

Like a cruel joke, my age also means military service to these guys. So, the annual Cassiopeia gathering was dedicated to the 730 days that these guys would be out of sight.


The Philippine Cassiopeia started by 2PM, but since I value my weekend sleep more than anything else, I arrived at the venue by 4:30PM.

changmin-yunho-sleep“I don’t care if you are Jung freakin’ Yunho, but if you wake me up during weekends, YOU WILL DIE!!!”

Some of my Cassiopeia friends are looking for that “Cray-Cray-Changmin-fangirl-who-sometimes-uses-him-for-her-work” but, like sisters from another dimension, they do understand my relationship with weekend sleep.

Riding the LRT to the venue always takes me back to the old Manila. For those who are not familiar with Metro Manila’s political divisions, the city of Manila is the nation’s capital, even though most government offices (except for the Malacañang Palace) and business districts (except for the Chamber of Commerce) is located in Quezon City and Makati, respectively. The chipped paint of old buildings triggers my inner-historian, since most of the train stations are named after heroes and past political figures.

Such as the venue’s location that was named after late President Elpidio Quirino.

P6075889“Lazy, lazy Saturday afternoon in contrast to it’s usual ‘packed to the brim’ rush hours.”

The venue was a little dim and apparently my tremors are getting uncontrollable through age. I sometimes wonder how I’ve maintained my profession as an artist despite my shaky hands.

I apologize for the shaky photos.

P6075890“Welcome. We’ve been expecting you. Don’t mind us, this is how we ri~iiise.”

The entire penthouse floor was filled with Cassiopeias and everything TVXQ. A giant tarpaulin of the boys welcomes every Cassiopeia to the bar / film showing area.

My first Cassiopeia victim… was my colleague. Hehehe~

P6075893“I’m watching you~uuu.”

She was taking care of selling / managing all the pre-loved TVXQ items sold by other fangirls. Dang! Those merch don’t even look second-hand!


On the side are the staple Dong Bang standees.

P6075907“That you can take selfies with!”

In which I could do my obligatory “Troll Changmin’s standee with food” photo series!

This was the first photo from last year’s KPop Convention.

changmin-pocky“His standee keeps on falling, it’s as if it’s throwing a tantrum!”

And now, this!

P6075922“With good ol’ Toasted Siopao.”

11G happened during Yoochun’s birthday (or within Yoochun’s birthday), judging the standees, it seems birthday boy is missing!

The whole afternoon was dedicated for fan programs and film showing of concert mash-ups and random videos.


When “Balloons” came up, the more active (or younger) Cassies started waiving their red balloons.

P6075918“Not really obvious in this photo, but they are dancing to it! I swear.”

The afternoon’s theme is like a Toho-cafe, wherein they serve pastries and coffee while enjoying the video mash-ups. Upon presenting my ticket, an admin handed me this chocolate pop right here. I don’t know if you can recognize the constellation pattern icing here?


I bought coffee with Dong Bang stamps on it for P15.


I stroll some more, and then saw the birthday boy… alone… going all existential.

P6075915“Staring at the window, asking himself, ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is my purpose in life?'”

I will never understand his existential problem in his birthday party, so I’ve decided to pull him out of his existential rut and back to his birthday cake.


Birthday boy should be really enjoying his special DB5K cake!

P6075921“I could think of several R-18 (NC-17) jokes with this cake, not to mention, some Changmin inside jokes. Hehehe!”

Of course, the whole club sang a birthday song for Yoochun.

Fan gatherings like these gives me the chance to catch-up with old friends (who are apparently Cassies) and fangirls that I get to talk to on social media only. While I was catching up with my Taekwondo buddy, my name was called for a random raffle of Cassiopeia goods.

What happened was so random, I didn’t know I could do a smile like this.


Just crop out the other stuff a~aaand… Insta-Dong Bang creepers!

11111111“We’re going to choke you with that lanyard while you slee~eeep!”

After the fan activities, it is time for Toho-Night. In the Philippines, Cassiopeias often have signature events such as Toho-Cafes and Toho-nights. Although not happening very often which I sometimes wish it always does, but where’s the element of surprise if that happens. They did the same set-up before back in 2011 (if my memory is correct) during the “Red Room” gathering. I wasn’t able to experience the Toho-cafe that time because I was training during that year, so I went for the Toho-night instead.

Toho-night is like a big night club party for fangirls with alcoholic cocktails served at the Toho-bar.

image110“It’s kinda like this, but replace Yunho with a citra-board version of him.”

Each cocktail is named after Dong Bang members. From a moderate drinker like me, 2011’s mix was a little too weak in my opinion, but this year was a little stronger. I don’t if it’s due to I haven’t ate a decent dinner, but I liked it! The alcohol was not too strong or too weak, it was just enough to give you a buzz without causing a traffic accident while crossing the street later.


Each cocktail is P100, the first cocktail mix that I got is the Soul Fighter mix.


I don’t know if you can tell the colors, on the left – the pink one is “Essence of Jaejoong”, the Cassies’ take on basic Margarita and the yellow one is “Katas ni Changmin” (Extract of Changmin).  In Filipino, the word “Katas” is a strong, funky word, kinda like you’re taking someone’s blood or swea~aaat and put it into a vile or something… but that’s just me.

changminshock“Changmin EXTRACTS me wa~aaant!!!”

True enough, the “Katas ni Changmin” has a pungent taste, added with orange pulp mixed with what I think is gin, goodness. Kinda like the basic gin / vodka juice I always encounter in beach parties, or, or… the sour version of the drink “Sex on the Beach.”

changmin-thinking“Like, if I ever get the chance to talk to Changmin and tries to bring this comparison up, It would be like, ‘Hey dude, the Philippine Cassiopeia made a drink after you and it kinda taste like Se…, se…, a~aaaaah, forget it!'”

“Essence of Jaejoong” is as pink as Jaejoong’s soul, and it’s pinkness is a prelude to it’s super sweet taste. Since we Filipinos prefer sweet tastes, and apparently most Cassie heavy drinkers that I’ve met are Jaejoong fans it’s no surprise that in about an hour, Jaejoong’s drink was out of stock.

I still have some left in my cup, so I’ve decided to experiment on it, I mixed the two and it was divine, like Hello Kitties and Se…, Se…, AAAAH! THIS SOUNDS SO WRONG IN SO MANY LEVELS!!! WHY DO YOU EVEN NAME A FAMOUS ORANGE JUICE COCKTAIL LIKE THAT!!!

changmin-wine“Drunk Chang-pron would be so proud!”

The second round was the YooSu mix.


I can’t tell which is which ‘cos birthday boy’s cocktail was the same color as Junsu, but I think the one on the left is Junsu’s. Junsu juice is the basic Piñacolada. Birthday boy’s mix is called “Mr. Park’s Elixir” like he’s some kind of a magic potion! Or a warning that Micky’s mix is not to be messed with. As always, Micky’s cocktail is often the strongest alcoholic mix followed by Jaejoong’s.

After drinking his Elixir the buzz kicked in fast, leading to this sedated version of me… drinking alone… in an existential table.

10296821_10152537145376189_2076448564000124295_n“If fate would allow me to have a family of my own, at least that kid won’t find incriminating drunken photos of me in the bowels of the internet. Instead, only incriminating sober photos of me doing stupid things while lucid!

The train station will close within a few minutes, so I skipped on Yunho’s mix, which by the way has the funkiest name of all “Kamandag ni Yunconda” which is a great Tagalog wordplay for “Venom of Yunconda,” like oppa is some sort of a snake or something. I’m so sorry oppa.

yunho crying“NEXT TIME! I promise.”

Judging from the last event, Yunho’s cocktail would have been the ‘punchiest’ of all, only fitting the manliest-man leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki!

mary poppins“Yes. Manliest-man leader!”

But… when I need to dispose the extra alcohol, I see this morbid reminder of not trying Yunho’s!

2014-06-07-1942“Darn it!”

Of course, a Cassiopeia night club party-party wouldn’t be complete without a “Mirotic” dance off!

Catching the last train home, I realized that a few hours of coffee and alcohol was a well spent weekend catching up with friends and meeting SNS Cassiopeias, not just profile pictures of their Dong Bang bias, that even I myself is guilty of doing. There was so much activities, I couldn’t even put all in this post.

As I get older, my responsibilities as an adult and a designer has greatly increased through the years, that what I took for granted before, like the little naps, boring and nothing to do weekends had turned into a luxury I can’t waste. Even writing a post about this weekend took me several days before I could publish it. I have to be honest, these girls, or women, are not only my partners in swooning, or either the people I go to for when I’m having a Changmin cray-cray episode, it’s more than that. Most of them are already professionals and because of this, it has helped pave way for us to have a well-founded professional and social activities network within ourselves. Not exclusively for Cassiopeias, but every other first and second generation idol fandoms. And I think that younger fandoms would have this too in the future, when they grow up and enter the working force. As I would advise younger fangirls, grow up together with your fellow fangirls, you’ll never know what will come in the future.

I have to admit, the only close friends that was left during my teen years are the ones that I spent my time fangirling. Nobody knows how long the allure of Hallyuwave would continue to entice us. Maybe someday we’ll outgrow it, just like how I’ve outgrown my obsession with anime. Until then, enjoy your fandom.

Just like us, the idols’ do carry a bigger plate once they turn into sunbaes. Also, the all eminent 2-year mandatory military service by South Korea. In two years, they’ll forego fan service in the service of their country technically still at war with their neighbor.

11G’s title suggests that we don’t forget, and this could probably the last Cassiopeia gathering before the boys do their duty for their motherland. Like a last swing party in all World War II movies, the last shots were called before sending them off…

…until then, we’ll be in a fangirl existential hiatus corner.

P6075915“How do I swoon thee without thy oppa?”

P.S.: Some corrections on the cocktail mixes, since my drinking experience is different, one CassPH core said that the mixes are as follows: Yunho – Midori Illusion, Jaejoong – Strawberry Margarita, Yoosu – Variants of Margarita, and Changmin – Screwdriver. Although I’ve tried Screwdriver before (and had fond memories of turning me into a blabbing GENIUS after several shots of it) both variants of Sex on the Beach and Screwdriver that I’ve tried in the past are made with orange juice, except that SOB has a grenadine syrup, and the basic Screwdriver has only the alcohol and juice on it which is much closer to what I’ve tasted. Bu~uuut for LOLs I won’t change it! Muwaaahahahahahahaha!!!

20“Because, REASONS!”

PHOTO CREDITS from CASSPH and various Tumblr TVXQ fan pages.


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My Bestfriend is a Fangirl – No.17 (Tagalog) Adventures in Jeje Island PART 3

Sinasabi nga ng mga nagtra-trabaho, ang katapusan ng bakasyon ay “BACK TO REALITY.” Sa ika-labing-pitong kabanata ng My Best friend is a fangirl, back to reality na si Chi, and this time, hindi siya makapaniwala sa “reality” na kanyang mararanasan sa pabalik sa flight.
DISCLAIMER: The events on this comic is 99% Fiction, 1% Reality and 200% Exaggeration! NOPE! I ain’t beating up a pop star or anyone glowing. In case you are wondering, Jeje is singing “Insa.”


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I HOARD FOOD: First time Grilled Cheese Ramen Sandwich


So I discovered this recipe from DUDEFOODS.COM and I decided to try it for myself. The Instructions are written on the page.

I would like to document my experience of this wonderful, wonderful ramen recipe we got here. Some of the photos are blurry ‘cos we were all hungry that time.

First I bought the ingredients: eggs, RAMEN, and cheese.


Unlike the original recipe my colleague Vida Cruz suggested a tweak on this wonderful combo, “Try to put some bacon on it!” AND… I like my ramen leafy so, WHY NOT BOTH?


Then I just followed the instructions from the page.


Cook the noodles, let it cool, add the egg, and mix.


Lay the noodles flat on a clean chopping board and cut it into two.


Place the bread ramen on a greased paper / wax paper and set aside on the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Since it’s summer in the Philippines, I let it settle for 30 to 35 mins in the freezer for good measure.

While waiting for the ramen bread, I prepared the additional ingredients.


Grated the cheese so it will melt quicker and evenly.

ramensandwich-05“Mmmm! BACON!”

Washed the lettuce and prepared my bacon.

ramensandwich-06“Sizzle, sizzle.”

 And pan-grilled the bacon.

Once my ramen bread settled, I left a little bacon juice on the pan and grilled the ramen.


It kinda smelled like sweet eggs, which… is kinda weird, but promising.


Sprinkled the grated cheese on top of the hot noodle. Melted the cheese


Slathered the bacon on top. Did the same on the other ramen bread and…



While my sister ate it without lettuce, I ate mine like the Korean Samgyeopsal.

ramensandwich-12“Without the Kimchi.”

As Dudefoods said, the ramen is crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. It is better than bread, cos the cheese melted on the crevasses of the ramen and the bacon just made it so GLORIOUS! As glorious as Changmin’s bare chest on the water!

changminchest-swimmingpool“OH YEAH!!!”

Since I used large ramen, it  is already equivalent of a heavy full meal. It’s kinda like a couple sandwich if you may.

changmin-eatingfortwo“Not unless if the other eats like two people combined.”

Although there are some changes that I should do when I’m making this next time. Like, I should add more oil or bacon juice on the ramen bread, so it’s crispier, use quickmelt cheese and sprinkle a little Thyme on it. I didn’t go crazy on it ‘cos I don’t know how it will turn out, or how will the cheese melt.

Then it would be epically glorious as Changmin screaming a rock song, sweaty, and ripping his shirt off!!!

20100911_smt_in_shanghai_6“I should really stop comparing food to my Korean celebrity crush.”



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DIY: KARAOKESHINKI – The Ultimate TVXQ / JYJ Karaoke Codes Source!


In every training or demo I go, the instructor’s fandom is too dang high whether they are teaching the basics of visual arts or coding. Last week, I was able to attend the “School of Data Philippines” at the World Bank Office in Bonifacio Global City. I’ve noticed that the instructor was a big fan of football and he used football data in some of his database examples. I want to practice and experiment on databases and such, but… I can’t just pull any random data out of nowhere! Then an idea came… what if I experiment on my Cassiopeia cray-crayness like the instructor?


But what?

Then a lightbulb!

You see, I love karaoke… I love karaoke so much that I’m willing to spend money to sing like a forever alone fool in amusement centers. But most song books only has English songs. In order for you to sing a Korean or a Japanese song, you must know the code yourself, and even if you know the code, it doesn’t guarantee that the song is present in the machine. It’s basically a trial and error thing with Kumyoung machines here.

I don’t know what’s up with my brain but my memory can be compared to Dory the fish!

Dory-squishy“Whut?! I don’t remember this squishy?”

If I  found a Kumyoung machine that has TVXQ songs, I… suddenly forget the piece of paper with the codes and lyrics on.

With that in mind, I have developed a searchable database called… drum roll please…

OH YEAH!!! With that glorious Chun-face pasted on it!!!

Here’s how you use Karaokeshinki:

I’ll show you screenshots taken from my Toshiba Thrive tablet, since the goal of this database is to make it mobile-friendly.

Karaokeshinki site looks like this on a tablet.



Parts of the table are as follows:

TIMESTAMP – Time and date when the code was added

CODE – The number you enter in the machine.

ENGLISH / ASIAN TITLE – The title of the song.

YEAR OF RELEASE – The year that the song was released.

MACHINE TYPE – Which brand of machine the code works (e.g. Kumyoung, Ziller).

SONG LINK – In case you forgot or unfamiliar with the song, you can copy-paste the video link to hear the song.

Just type on the SEARCH BOX on the right side of the screen the title of the song and it will show you the codes of the song.


It’s that easy… as long as you have a sturdy wi-fi or mobile connection.

But what if you wanna sing Shim’s revival of Rusty Nail?

Of course, the original song is sung by X Japan and it isn’t added here, but Chani Mini’s song of “Dream” is on the list.

karaokeshinki-03“Scumbag autocorrect is forcing me to enter RUSTY SNAIL or RUSTY MAIL!”

You happen to have the code and you want to add the code in the database, how can you contribute? There’s a link that says “HELP BUILD THIS DATABASE BY CONTRIBUTING YOUR NORAEBANG CODES TOO IN THIS FORM.” It will forward you to this Google form I made that is linked to the Karaokeshinki database.


Once you submit the code, a confirmation message from Google will appear.


Google forms will now automatically update our beautiful database.


“Don’t let the wallpaper ruin your view of our beautiful database.”

Go back to Karaokeshinki and refresh the whole thing, and VOILA, the new code is already there!




SPECIAL THANKS TO: Cassiopeia Philippines and Tintin Jung for publishing this beautiful list of Kumyoung and Ziller codes which I stole MUWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!



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My Bestfriend is a Fangirl – No.16 (Tagalog) Adventures in Jeje Island PART 1

Sino ang nagsabing ang mga estudyante at feeling estudyante lamang ang pwedeng magbakasyon ngayong summer. Sa ikalabing-anim na kabanata ng My Bestfriend is a Fangirl, tunghayan natin ang R&R ng ating favorite na beteranang Surfer na Chi, sa kanyang unang dalaw sa isa sa mga pinakasikat  na tourist destination sa South Korea – ang JEJE ISLAND a.k.a.:lahat-rito-kamukha-ng-bias-mo-island.


DISCLAIMER: The events on this comic is 99% Fiction, 1% Reality and 200% Exaggeration! — Oh, how I wish there’s a real Jeje Island or in my case – CHANGMIN ISLAND! I’d happily migrate there… FOREVER!!! *insert endless maniacal evil laugh here*

And… BONUS Kim Jaejoong dresed as a girl:



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I HOARD JK FOOD: Let’s Be Cafetime Coffee



Every now and then, I stop at this small Korean grocery in Cubao district called “Masan.” They sell the usual Korean stuff, the kind that makes up the usual Korean housewife’s pantry… nothing weird here.


I saw several cans of coffee, their red eyes are staring at me.

2014-letsbecolor“Buy us, or else we’ll haunt you forev~eeeer.”

The Korean store owner is looking at us wondering what our babbling in Tagalog was about. I kept on saying in Tagalog “Look at this, it looks like I won’t be able to sleep forever with this thing!”

The next day, I brought it to my work and showed it to some of my workmates… the only reaction I received were several WTFs!

Upon closer inspection, the can has a signature in it.


Probably from the manhwa artist who drew those corporate zombies. But there is no name, and I couldn’t read Hanja either. So, I turned to Google for some answers.


I could be wrong, but from the little Hangul and the images in the official website, it suggests that Let’s Be Cafe Time coffee is targeted for office workers.

And I was right!


Before it changed it’s packaging to glowing red eyes, they were formerly endorsed by SISTAR. The presence of a corporate chap says the marketing is focused on office workers… yet again.


Which makes me think… that the commissioned artist for this is simply making a little sick joke of Corporate Korea? Remember, Korea is one of the countries in Asia that is overworking themselves to death next to Japan. But unlike their neighbor, Korea haven’t made the next step to solve this problem.

According to the Lotte website, the product is available in three variants.


Which makes me think that, the characters probably describes three common employees: the slave-driving supervisor, the arrogant rookie, and the overworked office dude who has stayed in the company for years without proper compensation and benefits.

Although you gotta hand it to the Korean workers, they will never be able to prosper as a nation if they weren’t overworking so hard. But, since they have turned into a progressive country, don’t they think that it’s time to work smarter than harder? I gotta admit, a third world country like mine should take their example, because learning to work too hard is the first step isn’t it?

In terms of taste, it’s just your ordinary coffee, but this is better served when hot, than served fresh from the freezer.

As a Cassiopeia, I at least should have some fun with my TVXQ lightsticks.


I think this is a more apt advertising than the cartoonish ones.


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My Bestfriend is a Fangirl – No.15 (Tagalog)

SUMMER NA! Kahit pa na sinabi ni Mang Tani na wala talagang “summer” sa Pilipinas, masmaganda pa rin itong pakinggan kaysa sa “tag-tuyot.” Parang nai-imagine mo ba na tawaging TAG-TUYOT VACATION ang panahon na puno ng FUN-FUN-FUN under the sun?

Sa ika-labinlimang kabanata ng My Bestfriend is a Fangirl, alamin natin ang iba’t-ibang larawan ng SUMMER sa tatlo nating pinakamamahal na mga fangirls.


DISCLAIMER: The events on this comic is 1% Fiction, 99% Reality and 200% Exaggeration!